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Roddy Ricch's Unrelenting Dominace on the Charts

Gettyimages | Scott Dudelson
By Justin Anakani

It is undeniable that Roddy Ricch is a force to be reckoned with. Seemingly, a new and upcoming rapper/ musical artist is going toe to toe, jab for jab against the juggernaughts of the music industry such as Drake, Post Malone, Lil Wayne, and most notably, Justin Bieber. In the latest news, Roddy Rich is back on the number one spot of Rolling Stone's Artist 500, which was previously claimed by Lil Wayne shortly after releasing his new album, Funeral. There seems to be nothing getting in the way Roddy Ricch.

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The Numbers

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Even though the titular rapper went down from his 125..5 million streams last week, he was still rake in 117.3 million streams from this week, which was able to exceed Drake's 93.5 million streams and Post Malone's 95.6 million streams. Again high and fantastic numbers all around but Roddy Ricch seems to be in an echelon on his own. The Box, Roddy's hit single, is shown love on the Billboard Hot 100 as it lands the number one spot for six weeks in a row.

Roddy Ricch's Appeal

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This "rags to riches" Compton rapper is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Everyone wants to root for him and see him succeed because he reminds people of the "everyman." No, not everyone robs or steals or comes from a poverty- stricken back ground but everyone has been in a low point in their lives, but wants to rise to the occasion and improve upon themselves. Roddy Ricch exemplifies this culture and idea like no other, so instantly people gravitate towards it. Coming from a background of guns and violence and becoming a successful artist is a complete 180, and it makes the audience believe they can do it to.

The Beef

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It's nothing new that Justin Bieber is used to be in the top spot on Billboard, Rolling Stone, or anything really. This is a child musical prodigy that easily transferred into mainstream pop culture overnight. An established artist who's used to having things his own way, but when confronting Roddy Ricch a new story panned out the "Yummy" pop star. Roddy Rich's, "The Box," beat out Justin Bieber's "Yummy" and his new single "Intentions." Justin Bieber endorsing sleazy streaming tactics to let the song loop while his fans sleep, had led to the downfall of his goal to reach number one on the Billboard. Roddy Ricch capitalized off of this mistake and ascended himself higher on the charts.

The Response

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In response to Justin Bieber's ploy to stream more plays of his song, Roddy Ricch had an excellent answer to schemes. Roddy Ricch went on Instagram and Twitter and told his fans to go stream Justin Bieber's song Yummy. After noticing the ironic undertone of the message, Roddy Ricch's fans streamed "The Box" and propelled it to new heights and sustain the number one spot from Justin Bieber. The "Intentions" artist tries to pull off the same stunt but it didn't have the same effect. Roddy Ricch indisputably won this battle of wits.

What's Next

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The only thing Roddy Ricch needs to be worried about is himself. He is one of the biggest artists in the world with the same humble mentality and attitude. The transition to fame has been different and unsettling for him but he's still able exceed in the music industry given his insane work ethic and energy. Over the past few months the box has been a phenomenon, right now Roddy Ricch has to secure his spot in the rap industry by promoting not just his music but himself. Make the fans be invested into him and not the sounds he make, and he'll surely be around for years to come,

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