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Harry Styles dazzles with a shiny smile, putting on a colorful shirt with brown color pant to match.

Harry Styles' Valentine's Night Out Did Not End Well As He Was Robbed At Knifepoint

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
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The pop singer, Harry Styles has a great Valentines Day, or so he thought until he was robbed at knifepoint by unknown men. The singer must have been terrified for his life as the thugs tried to take everything he had on him.

There are several reasons why celebrities like to take bodyguards wherever they go. One of them, is to keep fans or non-fans from harassing them in public. The second, is to keep them from being robbed of their personal items on the streets.

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Harry Styles looks flawlessly amazing in a shiny black suit as he sings on stage.
Gettyimages | NBC

Several times, some celebrities who decide to leave their homes alone without any security detail end up getting robbed. The worst part is, some may get injured in the process and have to be hospitalized. This is why it is not advisable for celebrities to go out alone, especially when they will be put all night.

Valentine’s Day was support be an amazing day for Harry Styles, and it was while it lasted. According to Mirror Online, a mugger approached the singer with a knife demanding his personal items.

You g and good-looking Harry Styles stuns in a T-shirt with pant to match and his curly hair looks shiny and amazing.
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Furthermore, Styles was mugged in front of a pub located on Spaniard's road, Hamstead. Fortunately, the mugger did not harm Styles and only made away with his cast. According to The Met, a report about a young man in his 20s being mugged by an unknown knife man was filed and the police have begun their investigations.

The police are yet to make an arrest till now, but hopefully, they will soon. Although Styles told no news outlet about the incident, a close source confirmed to HollywoodLife that he was the man in his 20s who was robbed.

Harry Styles is pictured on the field in a two-pice black track as he kicks a ball forward.
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Bank fully, Styles was not put in any life-threatening danger and fans were thankful for this. 96 hours after Styles faced the shock of his life outside a pub, he was pictured on the red carpet at the Brit Award show. He looked like he had not just bee shook end up four days again and fans were glad that he was doing and looking okay.

Styles rocked the stage like it was his to own and when pictures of him made it to the internet, fans were blown away.

A picture of a man in black outfit with a matching cap taking a selfie, with the phone covering his entire face.
Unsplash | Allef Vinicius

Aside from Styles looking amazing on the Brit Award red carpet, fans also noticed that he had a black ribbon tied to his hand. Many fans were quick to conclude that the ribbon was of sentimental value as earlier in the week, on of the 26-year-old’s ex-girlfriend, Caroline Flack, was found dead in her apartment.

Styles and Flack had only dated briefly when he was 17 years old, but that did not mean that they did not have awesome memories together.

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