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Scheana poses at the Fantasy Island movie premiere

'Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Has a New Boyfriend

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By Natalie Hunter

Scheana has nearly documented her entire love life on the reality TV show 'Vanderpump Rules.' She got married to Mike Shay on the show. When he revealed that he relapsed and was secretly using drugs again, they called it quits on their marriage. Scheana then moved onto new love Rob Valletta. While she was very eager about their relationship, he didn't seem to be as much on board. After they called it quits, Scheana had a fling with Max Boyens before meeting her new boyfriend.

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She is now dating Australian gym owner Brock Davies.

"My new relationship honestly feels like the first real one I’ve ever been in," she explained to "I don’t think I actually was ever truly, fully happy until now. I think I told myself I was happy. I acted like the whole world was sunshine and rainbows when in reality, it’s not. But, I think you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince and I found a king."

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"I tend to waste money on boys who don’t deserve it and now that I have a man who does deserve it, he’s like, 'Please don’t buy me anything. Like, you’ve done that enough.' I still do — I’m not going to listen to that," she added.

Scheana has mentioned on the show how she likes to spoil the men that she is dating. She claims that she gave Max an Apple Watch just before he ghosted her ending their relationship.

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According to Distractify, Scheana's favorite thing about her new man Brock is how he respects her more than the men that have dated her in the past.

"The thing I love the most about Brock is how he treats me," Scheana said to "He always makes me feel loved and respected, and that’s not something I’ve ever had in a relationship before. So, he just makes me happy every day and if I’m sad, he knows how to cheer me up."

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Brock even had something to say about Scheana's exes. Brock referred to the time that her ex Rob could hang up a TV in 7 minutes.

"Seven minutes, thanks, mate. We can touch that one later. It's a soft subject for me, for sure," he explained. "The f-----g a--hole makes me put up a TV in under 7 minutes, that's all I have to say about him. But he's a good guy."

While complimenting Rob, he also threw shade at every one of her exes. "You just haven't been with a man. Let's just say that," Brock remarked.

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