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Does Winning an Oscar Destroy Your Love Life?

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz
By Stephanie Elmir

The Oscars love curse is notorious, the concept that women who win Academy Awards are doomed to face heartbreak and scandal. However, it seems like a double standard that it would only happen to successful women. It seems more like an issue of male spouses or partners not being able to appreciate their women being more successful than them.

When will the epidemic of Oscar breakups end? Well, there are plenty of other winners like Olivia Coleman who are still married. However, here are some winners affected by the so-called curse.

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Halle Berry

Giphy | The Academy Awards

Halle Berry was the first African American actress to win for a leading role in "Monster's Ball". Crying onstage, looking divinely happy and thankful, she probably wasn't thinking about getting a divorced up there. Her husband at the time, R&B artist Eric Benet, also seemed supportive of her, pictures and video footage reflecting a happy couple.

Soon after, trouble in paradise occurred, with Benet coming out with cheating rumors and allegations, too many to be forgiven for. Berry's too good anyway!

Sandra Bullock

Gettyimages | Jason Merritt

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were always an odd couple, him being the lesser of the two overall. He was a motorcycle personality and she was a glamorous movie star with incredible abilities when she won for best lead actress in "Blind Side".

Soon after winning, James was catapulted into a media storm of cheating scandals, offensive nazi sex tapes, and an ugly split between him and Bullock. Although they were both in the process of adopting a son, Bullock deciding to raise her son on her own.

Hilary Swank

Gettyimages | Carlo Allegri

Hilary Swank is one of few women to have two Oscars for acting, one for "Boys Don't Cry" and "Million Dollar Baby", cementing her status as a Hollywood legend. It seems that her success and glory were too much for then-husband Chad Lowe.

The two broke it off, then tried getting back together before finally calling it quits in 2007. Swank's career was in no decline either, her schedules picking up after the Academy Awards. Swank has remarried since then.

Jennifer Hudson

Giphy | The Academy Awards

Jennifer Hudson is one of the few African-American woman to win for best supporting actress in "Dream Girls", the film adaption of the Broadway musical. Not only effective in her acting abilities, Hudson stunned audiences with her powerful singing, once again demonstrated why she went so far on American Idol.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend James Peyton broke up with her that same year. But that's okay because she's better off anyway. She's soon to star in the Aretha Franklin biopic, and will probably get another award.

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