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Mean Girls Cast

Stars Who Played A Teenage Role Long After Their Teenage Years

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By Ali Grahem

High School. You either have fond memories of football games and parties with your friends or you're dreading going back for your 10 year reunion. Why is it when we watch movies or TV shows portray these years everyone looks so put together? I don't know what the producers high school experiences were but I was lucky to get to class on time with my hair brushed much less a full face of makeup. I also don't remember anyone else looking as good in high school as the stars they cast to play the teenagers. Maybe this is because the people they cast are far past their teenage years.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Leonardo DiCaprio. While this man has (and will always be) a heartthrob who knew at age 28 he would be cast to play a 17 year old. He played a scam artist in a Steven Spielberg movie and let's just say the real scam was the 11 year age difference between him and his character. I mean can we just agree if all the guys looked like that at age 17, high school would have been a lot more fun.

Fonzie and Richie Cunningham
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"Ayyyyyy!" the Fonz was no where near the age we all thought he was. Henry Winkler who played Fonzie on the sitcom Happy Days was 40 years old by the time the show ended. Considering he was supposed to be a high school dropout when the show began I'd say his age was a few years off.

Same goes for Stacy Dash who played an 18 year old in the movie Clueless. Her real age? Any guesses? 28 years old and that role would not be her last as a teenager.

Jason Earles
Gettyimages | Michael Tullberg

Hannah Montana was a sitcom about a teenage girl with a secret life as a pop star. This means its primary audience was teenage girls and the show was full of them. Actor Jason Earles was cast as Hannah's teenage brother in the show at age 29.

Earles was able to pull off going through high school and then college on the show before it ended when he was 34. Can you imagine being in high school till your 30's?

Rachel McAdams
Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

One of THE most iconic high school movies is Mean Girls. The movie does a great job of displaying the cliques in high school and just how intense it can really be. This, of course, includes the resident "mean girl" who is played by Rachel McAdams. While women are always looking for a way to look youthful, this beauty was playing an 18-year-old in her late 20's.

Apparently high school doesn't end for stars until their 30's and honestly, adulting is overrated anyways.

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