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Harry Styles at a photo shoot

Valentine's Day Crime: Harry Styles Robbed At Knifepoint

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Tia Kitchens

Harry Styles had a really terrifying Valentine's Day this year. It isn't every day you get held at knifepoint! Personally, I probably would have cried if I had this happen to me, but not Harry. He barely flinched when it came to this surprise. Something that not many people could have said if they were caught late at night by someone with a knife. Who would have thought that he would keep his chill so well and come out of this whole thing unharmed?

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Harry stands in front of a pink flower wall
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According to reports, the event happened in Hampstead at about 11:45 PM or 23:45 according to official reports. It was said that the man wielding the knife stopped the 26-year-old singer while he was out enjoying the town. The crook demanded cash and like a smart man Styles handed it over.

Styles has not told anyone how much cash he handed over to this crook. It is just a drop in a hat compared to what could have happened though. He could have been extreamly hurt if he hadn't handed the cash over.

Harry smiles big at camera in sparkly uniform
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Metropolitan UK Police in London have put out a statement that there have been no arrests for the incident. They also stated that they will not be conducting a search for this person. It seems whoever decided to make off with Harry's money is going to stay off the record. For this at least.

No other reports have come in about what happened or if any other victims were met with the same knife wielder. Hopefully, this is all behind us and we won't have to worry.

Giphy | The Late Late Show with James Corden

It would seem though that Styles isn't bothered by the incident at all. Maybe one of our favorite singers is just able to brush off close calls easily. He was seen at the 2020 Brit Awards just four days after. Four days is enough time to walk off nearly getting stabbed I suppose. He seemed unphased and hasn't made a huge deal about it on any social media platform. In fact it isn't even on his twitter feed at all!

Harry Styles with mic
Gettyimages | NBC

Styles is what it seems to be an easy-going person. Brushing off everything as if it was nothing. As seen on the red carpet he sported an amazing look that wouldn't have held any clues just how eventful his weekend was.

We are lucky that Styles thought quickly on his feet that night. It would have made for a scary headline to have read he was in the hospital. Thankfully he is good and he was nominated for two awards this year. Hopefully he brings home some awards!

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