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Logan Paul Spotted Brunching With Brother's Ex, Tana Mongeau

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
By Michael Coe

Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau (both YouTube royalty) were spotted brunching in Los Angeles yesterday, prompting plenty of new discourse on what exactly might be happening with the whole "Tana Mongeau+Jake Paul" marriage situation.

Facts are highly unclear at the moment regarding what exactly the relationships are between Logan, Jake, and Tana. The recent brunch outing only serves to complicate matters, with some sources speculating that Logan and Tana might be getting romantic while Jake and Tana are on a "break", others insisting that the two are only friends, and still more insisting that this entire situation is manufactured for publicity.

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The saga of Jake, Logan, and Tana goes back to last year when Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau "married" each other in a highly publicized Las Vegas wedding. Although Mongeau revealed that the marriage was not actually legally binding, she insisted that the relationship between the two was real (although she also insisted that the two would be taking their semi-marriage "day by day"). Mongeau praised Jake as a person who could, "bring me back down to earth, no matter how crazy things are.”

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Only 6 months after the wedding ceremonies, Jake and Tana appeared to call it quits. In a post made this January, Tana stated that the two would be taking a break, although she didn't go into explicit details over any incidents which may have led to the decision. Mongeau also posted a 40-minute video addressing the relationship and said that while she still loves Jake, the marriage does not seem like it will ultimately last. Mongeau stated, "I am so unhappy with the way my relationship looks in the public eye, and I’ve done so much pretending I don’t care when I do... I loved Jake, I still love Jake."

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The relationship between Tana Mongeau and Jake's brother Logan has been amicable from the start, with Logan telling Business Insider that Mongeau is, "like a brother to me, but with boobs." The two have apparently remained friendly despite Mongeau's current split with Jake. Recent photos of the two brunching with one another have confirmed their continued friendship and have even sparked rumors about a potential fling between them. These rumors are mainly fueled by a past incident between Logan and Jake, where Logan had a relationship with Jake's on-and-off girlfriend Alissa Violet. This affair became public knowledge in a highly popular YouTube documentary on the Paul brothers.

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Whatever the truth is behind the new photos, it's clear that the saga between the three YouTubers is ongoing.

In the midst of all the Tana rumors, the Paul's have also been busy this week warding off new controversies. Logan has been making headlines with inflammatory comments directed at former NFL star Antonio Brown after Brown allegedly ignored invitations to box with Logan, while Jake has been defending himself today for a viral tweet which stated, "anxiety is created by you".

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