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How Taylor Swift Dealt With Her Parents' Separation

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By Bailey Banks

Taylor Swift is most well known for singing about her own failed relationships. However, as it turns out, the Miss Americana star might be a little deeper than the public gives her credit for. In fact, some of those heartbreaks she's been singing about might actually refer to the hardships the pop star went through when her parents got divorced in 2011. The Grammy winner is notoriously close to her parents, so their separation was something she couldn't just shake off.

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Taylor Swift's parents, Andrea and Scott, have always been extremely supportive of her music career. When Taylor was a young child, the family lived on a [Christmas tree farm] ( in Pensylvania. However, in 2003, when Taylor was 14, her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee in order to help promote the budding star's career. According to E! Online, Swift commented on the generosity of her parents when she was still a budding artist. The singer reportedly stated, "I knew I was the reason they were moving...But they tried to put no pressure on me. They were like, 'Well, we need a change of scenery anyway."

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The move certainly paid off, as only five years later, Taylor released her second major studio album, Fearless, launching her into the position of megastardom she maintains today. Fearless was an instant hit, winning the star Album of the Year at the 2010 Grammys and sparking her first world tour. Unfortunately, however, it's possible that the release of Fearless coincided with Andrea and Scott's marital problems. Apparently, Andrea would spend a lot of time apart from Scott while she was on tour with Taylor, and it is likely that this caused a rift in their relationship. In 2011, Andrea and Scott ended their marriage of over 20 years.

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Even in this difficult time, however, Taylor's parents made sure to put their daughter's career first. They kept their divorce relatively silent as to not detract attention from their daughter's music. As a result, not much is known about their relationship or break-up, but fans have made plenty of speculations as to how the divorce has played out in Swift's music. For example, according to a Reddit thread, Taylor has been mentioning her parents' divorce in her songs as early as Speak Now, her third studio album. One user, menwithrobots, writes, "I think it's referenced as early as Speak Now era: 'You say we'll never make my parents' mistakes." The song in question is Taylor's "Mine." Many also speculated that several songs on her following album, Red, as well as the album's sad tone in general, are inspired by her parents. In particular, the song "Sad Beautiful Tragic" is believed to be about coming to terms with her parents' seperation.

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Although Swift seemed to have had a hard time dealing with her parents' divorce, the "You Need To Calm Down" singer is stronger today because of the hardships she's faced, and her parents do not appear to be on especially bad terms with each other. Tayor recently released her seventh studio album Lover along with a documentary about her life as an international superstar called Miss Americana. Miss Americana is available on Netflix and reportedly deals with the pressures of fame.

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