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Brandy's Dating History Back In The Spotlight After Kobe's Untimely Death

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By Mario Perez

If you were a teen or a kid in the late '90s and early 200's you are going to remember Brandy Norwood pretty well. She had a pretty successful music career. Especially with her 1998 album, Never Say Never, but she was a pretty recognizable face since the early to mid-'90s from her work on TV and music.

Back in those days she actually dated Kobe Bryant and the two attended prom together. The pictures where all over the web after the untimely death of Kobe. What happened to Brandy though?

Her Career

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There is no shame in saying that her career never again did reach the heights that it did back in the '90s. Yet she stayed very busy doing music, TV, and movies all throughout the 2000s and into the 2010s.

On TV she has starred in shows such as Moesha. Which, was kind of a coming of age show that aired in the late '90s and early 2000s. From there she has gone on to have all sorts of roles in movies and TV series.

Her Love Life

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Her relationship with Kobe was more of a friendship. They had that prom date, and all of that, but nothing really flourished after that. She has a daughter with Robert Smith. Brandy became pregnant out of wedlock and this was not good for her image at the time. So her management team literally made up that they had gotten married in secret before she had gotten pregnant. The relationship ultimately ended, and this is actually where things got a bit crazy back in 2004.

Almost Becoming an NBA Wife

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If you watched this year's celebrity game at the NBA All-Star Weekend you heard the name Quentin Richardson. If you are an old-school NBA fan you know exactly who this guy is. He was the face of the Golden State Warriors in the early and mid-2000s. When the team was pretty much downright irrelevant.

He and Brandy dated and were set to be married. The problem was Brady's fake marriage apparently came into question. All of the backlash that followed caused the couple to call it quits.

Going Solo

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After Quentin Richardson, Brandy had other romances that again almost led to the altar. The most recent one that got real serious was her relationship with Ryan Press. A Music executive that not only was her partner, but also her manager. The couple got engaged in 2012. Around 2014 though, the couple called it quits.

At this point, it seems Brandy is not out there looking for love. She is focused on her daughter and actually having a more quiet life to a degree.

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