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Ryan Reynolds with wife Blake Lively

What Are The Largest Age Gaps In Hollywood Relationships Right Now?

Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman
By Ali Grahem

It has been said age is just a number and the older you get the less it matters. In high school and college, it is natural to date someone a few years your junior or senior. But imagine hitting it off with someone and finding out that while you were in the middle of your high school years they were just being born! These Hollywood couples have some of the largest age gaps between each other and have managed to make it work.

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Matthew McConaughey and wife
Gettyimages | GABRIEL BOUYS

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves have a 13 year difference with McConaughey being the senior. This age gap has proved to not be an obstacle for this couple though. They met at 36 and 23, respectively and now have three children.

Another couple with the lucky number 13 between them is Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee-Furness. Unlike McConaughey's relationship, Hugh is actually the younger one at age 52. Shout out to Deborah for breaking the stereotype of women only dating older men!

Harrison Ford
Wikimedia |

Racking up a few more years between them is Harrison Ford with his wife Calista Flockhart. These two have a total of 22 years separating them. That's two whole decades Ford had experienced before she was even born (he was also legal drinking age)!

With a few fewer years between them George Clooney and his spouse, Amal Clooney still have a 17-year difference. Guess this means George was busy starting his acting career while Amal was just being introduced to the world.

Julis Tennon and Viola Davis
Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

A few couples have large age differences that you may have not known about. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have an 11-year gap but you wouldn't know it by looking at them. Maybe it's because they both can just laugh at life, whatever it is you would never guess the gap.

Viola Davis and her husband Julis Tennon also seem to be a great match, one wouldn't guess the couple has an age gap of 12 years. The couple has been married since 2003.

David Foster with wife Katharine McPhee
Gettyimages | David M. Benett

David Foster and his lovely wife Katharine McPhee are close to the top with the number of years between them. This couple who met on American Idol have been together since 2017 and has a major gap of 34 years.

So what do you think about an age gap in a relationship? Could you date someone who could have graduated with your parents? Or do you prefer someone who understands your song and pop culture references? All I can say is love is love!

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