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Rachel Lindsay shrugging her shoulders.

'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Sounds Off On Peter Weber's Season of the Show

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By Hedy Phillips

There have been a lot of opinions about Peter Weber's season of "The Bachelor" that's currently airing. Along with the opinions, there's also been a lot of drama. Former Bachelorette herself Rachel Lindsay was recently on the Bachelor Party podcast and weighed in on Peter, the season, and the contestants on the show. In particular, she had a few thoughts about Hannah Ann Sluss, one of Peter's frontrunners who is in the final three ladies and scored the very first First Impression Rose of the season.

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According to Cheatsheet, Rachel said, "I think she’s been coached because she’s friends with the other Hannah. So, she’s been told how to be." The other Hannah in question is Hannah Godwin, a fellow former Bachelor contestant and friend of Hannah Ann's. Rachel also said on the podcast that she thinks Hannah Ann comes off smug and noted that getting the first First Impression Rose will do that to you. Then again, she's made the final three, so maybe she has reason to be a little bit smug.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison with Peter Weber on a red carpet.
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Peter's season of The Bachelor has been embroiled in drama since the start. We're talking a lot of crying, a lot of fighting, and even some ladies who refused to go home. We will never get over what has become known as Champagne-Gate, which funny enough, involved Hannah Ann! Kelsey, a fellow contestant, brought a bottle of Champagne with her to the show all the way from Iowa for a special occasion, and somehow Hannah Ann ended up claiming it and popping it open with Peter. Cue lots of tears and lots of yelling about stealing Champagne.

Peter Weber posing with Lucy Hale.
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Peter is still seemingly looking for love, though, and took part in the hometown dates with his remaining four ladies on this week's show. After some lengthy conversations and admittedly more drama, though, Peter ultimately sent Kelsey packing and took Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Madison off to Australia. Victoria's been wrapped up in drama of her own — after being blasted for modeling in a White Lives Matter photo shoot — and Madison just revealed she was saving herself for marriage, which could prove awkward during the Fantasy Suite episode coming up.

And then there's Hannah Ann, whom Rachel thinks is just on the show to promote her brand. She also said on the podcast that she was told by ABC producers to only refer to Hannah Ann as such, never Hannah. "She apparently has said, ‘I want to be called Hannah Ann,’ which I think is to differentiate," Rachel said. And not just from the many other Hannahs in Bachelor Nation, but to create a name for herself, according to Rachel. Not that branding yourself is necessarily a bad thing, so we'll just have to see how this all plays out.

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