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Justin Bieber Says He Was 'Emotionally Overwhelmed' in Photos That Showed Him Crying

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By Michael Howard

Fans of pop star Justin Bieber will recall the viral paparazzi photos from 2018 that showed the singer in tears. And if they keep up with Bieber’s new YouTube docu-series, “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” they now know the story behind those tears.

In the latest episode of “Seasons,” the 25-year-old star addresses the images and mental health in general, explaining that he was “emotionally overwhelmed” and “frustrated” at the time. Being a celebrity, he says, makes those feelings harder to deal with.

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Crying was the “normal” thing to do

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“This is me with Hailey [Baldwin] in New York, we were riding bikes,” Bieber recalls. “I remember just struggling. I remember feeling, like, emotionally just overwhelmed and talking to her, not knowing how to communicate certain things and just feeling kind of frustrated.

“There has been a lot of things that have happened in my life and this was a point in my life where I was just like, so overwhelmed … being a normal person and crying.”

The pressures of fame

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Bieber went on to talk about what it’s like to break down in front of the whole world.

“When I look at things on the Internet and people are like, ‘Justin’s upset, why is he upset?’ It’s like, they don’t give me permission to be upset,” he explains, adding:

“I don't have permission to be human and shed tears, and there are so many people every day who are in a conversation with their girl or their wife or their mom and they break down, but they don't have cameras capturing it. People are like, ‘Is he OK, is he having a mental breakdown?’ … I’m just emotional and, you know, I think that’s okay.”


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Also featured in the episode is his mental health coach, Dr. Buzz Mingin, who explained the technique Bieber uses to manage his stress and pressure—something called “havening.”

Mingin describes it as “a psychosensory technique that actually raises the feel-good chemicals in your brain on demand.”

Elaborating on the concept was Bieber’s wife Hailey Baldwin.

“It's basically like a self-soothing thing,” she says. ”Everybody has their own version of havening without knowing it. It's like when you're a little kid and you suck your thumb to soothe yourself.”

New album released

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Bieber dropped his fifth studio album, Changes, on Valentine’s Day to mixed reviews.

“For those who simply want their favorite pop star to make an interesting full-length, Bieber has dug deep within himself to deliver a portrait of his current reality, one that is drastically different than on his previous album,” Billboard wrote in a mostly positive review.

In a less-than-positive review, The Independent wrote that “the way [Bieber] talks about love … suggests he hasn’t come all that far since the days of “baby, baby, baby, oh.”

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