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Wendy Williams Makes Controversial Comments Again, This Time About Drew Carey's Ex-Fiancee's Murder

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By Zachary Holt

Wendy Williams can't seem to keep her name out of the headlines for the wrong reasons. Just recently, the host of The Wendy Williams Show made controversial comments towards the gay and transgender communities during the 'Hot Topics' segment of her show, prompting massive backlash on social media and a subsequent, emotional apology the following day.

Well, on Monday, the daytime talk show host once again made a big blunder. She decided it was a good idea to make a joke about Drew Carey's ex-fiance, Amie Harwick, who fell to her death from a third-story balcony attempting to flee from an assault from her ex-boyfriend. Investigators are calling the incident murder.

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Wendy Williams Jokes About the Tragic Murder of Amie Harwick

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Following what police and investigators are calling a murder, Williams made a joke about it on her show. To begin her inappropriate commentary, she addressed the audience to let them know Harwick was a 'model turned therapist working in Hollywood' and was at one time engaged to the "Price Is Right's," Drew Carey.

"She was killed. Not by Drew," Williams said after she described how Harwick was "pushed from a third-floor balcony". The audience was instantly in shock as gasps could be heard throughout, shocked that Williams would make a joke about something so horrible and tragic. What she did next, though, was even worse.

Williams Uses 'Price Is Right' Jokes Describing Harwick's Fatal Fall, Murder

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To stay with the 'Price Is Right' theme, Williams continued making a joke of Harwick's murder by shouting the phrase, 'Come on down', a command issued to contestants on the show that are selected to compete. Williams, of course, was referring to the action of Harwick falling to her death.

Williams' comments were met with groans and sounds of disbelief, and it was obviously apparent the host got the message because she quickly moved on to other topics in her ranting segment. Williams will go on to regret her commentary for yet another time as people on social media are furious and are even calling for the show to be cancelled.

Social Media Condemns Williams' Comments, Calls For Show to Be Cancelled

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Social media instantly went after the daytime host, calling for her to resign or have the network cancel her show following repeatedly inappropiate comments on sensitive issues.

One user on Twitter posted, "So @WendyWilliams hears that Drew Carey’s former fiancée was thrown off a balcony and later died. Her attacker was a man she’d been seeing. #WendyWilliams thought it was funny and made a joke about it. I’d like to call her a soulless harpy, but I was raised better."

Another user on social media shared, "How tf do you make a joke about someone's murder? And how many times is @WendyWilliams going to put herself under fired before she's terminated. It's not the first time she's said something uncalled for. Yeah her shows on gossip but there's a line you DON'T cross."

Another Apology Video Is Expected, This Incident Not Forgivable, Though

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Yet another person on social media was clamoring for her show to be cancelled, even though they didn't support the impulsive 'cancel culture' that is present from overreactions. "Ya'll know I HATE "cancel culture" but can someone please cancel @WendyWilliams she is truly problematic. #WendyWilliams," they posted to Twitter.

With another big-time blunder again occurring from the words she's spoken on her show, you can bet that Williams will be crying in front of a camera again, asking for forgiveness. This time, though, this act is not forgivable.

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