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Sharon Osbourne Goes Fully Gray At 67, Ditching Typical Red Hair

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Mario Perez

The Osbourne family has been in the news more often in the past few weeks for a couple of sad reasons. For weeks now it has been reported that Ozzy is dealing with a very serious disease. Many outlets claim that he has an issue with Parkinson's.

This may have taken a bit of a toll on his wife Sharon who at 67 is done with coloring her hair and has decided to embrace a full-on gray look like her new hairstyle.

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What Drove Her Decision

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In the past couple of years, there is an argument to be made that Sharon had a much busier public life than Ozzie did. She has been the longest-running host on her show "The Talk", which she has co-hosted with many others through the years.

Yet, she has remained the only host that has been on the show since season one and remains on the show in its tenth season that is currently being shown on TV. A decade on TV is not an easy thing.

No Fear At All

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Sharon is not one to hide anything. She famously appeared along-side her family a couple of years back in a reality show. Which, really could be contributed with her rise to fame.

Her new hairstyle was on display on Today's episode of The Talk for all to see. From the looks of things, it does seem like she is totally rocking the look. It is great to see that stars are able to age gracefully. Sadly, not all stars have that same blessing.

Ozzy Is Not Doing So Well

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

For some time now there has been speculation about Ozzy Osbourne's health issues. It seems that in fact he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Which, is a debilitating disease that certain celebrities such as Micheal J Fox have been dealing with very publically for many years. At 71, it would seem it is a lot tougher for someone at that age to be able to handle the effects.

Ozzie has since canceled the tour dates that he had planned for this year to seek medical help in Europe.

Still Into Making Music Though

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Amidst all of the things that have gone on in his life with battles with addiction and now this debilitating disease, Ozzie is still into making music. The previous Twitter update is a clip of one of his songs to be featured in a new album that he produced for this year. Which, was basically the album that he was going to be going on tour for.

Sadly, his health issues have caused everything to come to a halt. It is unclear at this point whether or not he will ever go back on tour.

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