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Rosario Dawson's Best Roles

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin
By Stephanie Elmir

Rosario Dawson has had a long and fruitful career in television and film, spanning from the 90s. From cult classics like "Clerks II" or small roles in "Sin City", "Spongebob Squarepants", and "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Theif" she's done it all!

Moreover, she showcases her singing and dancing abilities, lending her expertise to film and tv. It's hard to imagine Hollywood without this Puerto Rican/Afro-Cuban New York native. Her work is important and a strong influence on other women of color.



Dawson as Mimi Marquez in "Rent", a Broadway hit musical turned film. Mimi is a young woman and works as an S&M club dancer when the main cast finds her happily going about. Roger, a rocker that contracted HIV, wants to start a relationship with Mimi but is scared to tell her of his diagnosis.

Eventually, he tells her, and she says she has HIV too. Dawson not only sings fantastically but dances expertly throughout the film, doing the musical justice.



Dawson plays Claire Temple in not only "Daredevil" but also "The Defenders" and "Jessicas Jones" the Marvel franchise's several Netflix specials. As a nurse, she heals the superheroes who refuse to go to doctors, sewing up wounds physically and emotionally.

Originally, she had been connected with Daredevil and even romantically considered him, but he was too wound up. Later, she would have a larger role in "Luke Cage" as his confidante and romantic partner. Throughout all the specials, she is a strong and capable professional.

Jane The Virgin

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Dawson guest stars as Jane Ramos, the second Jane of the series and love interest of Petra. Starting out as her lawyer for the prosecution of Anezka's death, their romance flourished under the court of law. However, when it's revealed that Petra lied about a key piece of evidence, Jane breaks up with her.

Afterward, Petra pleads with her that the murder was to protect her children and that her family trauma provoked her. Dawson gives a great performance of a betrayed lover.

Wonder Woman

Gettyimages | Ben Gabbe

Dawson has voice acted for the role of Wonder Woman on several projects some of them being "Wonder Woman: Bloodlines", "The Reign of Superman", and many other animated films in the DC universe.

She's perfect for the recurring role considering her voice is powerful and deep, reflective of the superhero she portrays. Moreover, she's a great role model for kids, her real-life filled with activism and empathy.

She looks and acts like Wonder Woman, so it's no wonder she was cast as such.

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