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Taylor Swift's Parents Are Separated And Taylor Has Written Songs About It

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By Melissa Weirick

Though her name is known worldwide and she is worth millions of dollars, Taylor Swift has to sift through her emotions like everybody else. Except in her case, that sifting is done quite publicly. It isn't a well-known fact that the singer's parents are separated and have been since 2011, but it's something that Taylor has had to grapple with as she's navigated through her 20s. And she sees it through in the way she does everything - by writing songs.

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Taylor is known for having made decisions based around what's best for her family. Most recently, she has decided that instead of going on a full-blown world tour for her latest album, Lover, she'll instead play a handful of festivals. This is because her mother, Andrea, has cancer - and was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor as well. Taylor would rather stay near her mother in such a trying time, which speaks to the star's loyalty and closeness to her family.

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Most notably, Taylor is known for having a tight-knit relationship with her mother. Andrea has always traveled with Taylor when she's gone on tour, and Scott, Taylor's father, was not usually seen. This created tension during Taylor's early days of touring - with the Fearless and Speak Now tours. By Andrea being with Taylor for so much of the year, there wasn't much time left over to cultivate her relationship with her husband. Neither wanted to hinder Taylor's career, though, so for a while they simply separated.

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Taylor has taken the news like many other young women her age would, trying to digest it in small doses. Her parents were married for her entire life - 25 years. (Now, Taylor is 30 years old, but she was 25 when Scott and Andrea divorced). The two of them as a unit was all she ever knew, so she had to find a way to process the changes. She did this by writing songs - none of which ever explicitly stated the material she was basing them on.


Fans have always postulated that Taylor's song 'The Best Day' was an homage to her father due to the line "I have an excellent father / his strength is making me stronger," but that isn't true. 'The Best Day' was a Christmas gift to Andrea, and the song encompasses the way Taylor has always idolized her. Other fans wonder if the song 'Mine' Speak Now tells the story of her parents' relationship from the very beginning. "You were in college workin' part time waitin' tables / left a small town never looked back / I was a flight risk with a fear of fallin' / Wonderin' why we bother with love if it never lasts."

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Just because Scott wasn't as involved with Taylor's career as Andrea was, doesn't mean he isn't involved at all. He's well-known for passing out guitar picks before, during, and after concerts. He carries them in his pockets and hands them to fans who look forward to the gesture. And while he might butt heads with Taylor more than Andrea does (tune in to Miss Americana on Netflix to witness Taylor and Andrea stand as a united front against Scott and another male on whether or not to stand up to Marsha Blackburn via Instagram) that doesn't mean he doesn't support her as a whole. And though the split happened back in 2011, there could still be lyrics that pay homage to it in albums as recent as Lover.

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