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Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein's Attorney Wrote An Op-Ed Addressed To The Jury Ahead Of Deliberations

Gettyimages | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez
By Carolyn B.

The New York trial against Harvey Weinstein is about to wrap up. Soon the world will know the fate of the former producer who has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and harassment.

The trial has caused a lot of controversy over these past few weeks. People had previously criticized many of the alleged victims' claims. But some are now starting to second guess Weinstein's own behavior and judgment thanks to the way his counsel conducted themselves in the courtroom.

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The Walker

Harvey Weinstein
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Some of the early backlash against Weinstein began when he showed up to court with a walker in two, two tennis balls affixed to the back legs of the stability device. People accused Weinstein of trying to look sympathetic to the court in order to avoid jail time.

Reports had placed Weinstein at a comedy club dinner in October of last year, causing some critics to assert that the former producer had not appeared to need the walker while at the event.


Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | Scott Heins

Weinstein's lawyers performed no better in court. They were constantly accused of being aggressive and cruel in their victim-blaming attempts toward the accusers and witnesses present during the trial.

The defense team would question not just how the victims fought back, by why they didn't use specific ways of fighting back at the time. The blaming extended to friends and supporters of the victims, with the counsel pressing witnesses about why they didn't force the alleged victims to come forward in public.

Secret Bias

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | David Dee Delgado

Weinstein's choice of witnesses was called into question, as well. The former Hollywood producer decided to go the Bill Cosby route and turned down the opportunity to testify in his own trial, a move some found to be risky.

The defense team did call producer Paul Feldscher to the stand as a character witness, but things didn't go exactly as planned. Prosecutors dug into Weinstein and Feldscher's past relationship, digging up and reading publicly text messages in which Feldscher clearly put fault on the victims and pledged loyalty to Weinstein.

Jury Tampering

Harvey Weinstein

Now that testimony has wrapped and the jury is preparing to make their decision, Weinstein's defense is apparently pulling out all the stops ... right down to tampering with the jury.

Weinstein's lawyer, Donna Rotunno, wrote an op-ed piece for Newsweek that was published on Sunday. In the article, Rotunno implored the jury to see Weinstein innocent, claiming his guilt had been predetermined and that the trial had been conducted as such. The judge admonished Rotunno for this act and asserted the belief that Weinstein was directly involved.

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