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Everything You Need to Know About Pete Buttigieg

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By RachelBolin

Let's be honest, today's America is completely divided. We have Liberals, Republicans, and some people that think the system is rigged and just don't seem to care. However, with the younger generation, we see more and more people standing up for what they believe is right every single day. Pete Buttigieg is one of the young people that has always felt he could make a difference in the world and with his campaign for president he is intending to do just that.

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Pete Buttigieg is just 38 years old and if elected he would be the youngest president in United States History. As young as he is, his intelligence and his experience far exceed the average 38 year olds. Buttigieg (pronounced boot - edge- edge) has seven years of elected experience and is currently in his second term as Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Mayor Pete is a polyglot meaning he speaks more than two languages. In fact he actually speaks around seven languages and he uses these skills to connect with others by speaking their native language.


He has a record of academic success that includes but is not limited to a Rhodes Scholarship. He got his masters degree at oxford after winning this award. Other awards he won are that of the Profile in Courage Essay contest put on by J. F. Kennedy Library as a high school senior! Oddly enough in that essay he commended his current opponent Bernie Sanders on being one of few independents in the congress.
Looking back on that it is easy to see that his view on Rep. Bernie Sanders still has not changed. He admires his courage but see things slightly different than Sanders.

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It's true Mayor Pete is has new take on the democratic way. Perhaps it is because at 38 he is a millennial who wants to deal with the issues both millennials and Gen z are seeing in todays world.
He is also an openly gay, happily married, U.S. Navy veteran. This has left some people torn on whether or not to vote for him. They love that he is a navy vet and what he stands for, except for one important issue. Some go as far as saying he tried to hide his sexuality from voters however, he has been extremely candid about his marriage to his husband Chasten.

The two make an exceptional pair but it leaves some voters questioning "how do I explain their president being married to a man?" Personally, I would just tell my children "that is who he fell in love with" but others don't find it that simple.

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As previously stated Mayor Pete is a new take on the old democratic way. His campaign is highly focused on issues that the younger generations are facing. He points out that menials grew up with school shootings, as this problem has only grown he supports background checks for people who want to own guns. He is also a firm believer in the science that points to climate change being a very real threat on earth. He believes it is a state of national emergency and wants to invest a lot of money in the United states making sustainable reusable energy sources. Another big issue with today's society is the affordability of insurance. Buttigieg supports a public option-style health care plan.

I'm not saying Mayor Pete Buttigieg is perfect but I'm most definitely not saying he is awful. If you want to learn more about him and his policies click here to be directed to his webpage.

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