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Rosario Dawson in a beautiful shot with her hands crossed over her heart.

Rosario Dawson Is Just Like The Rest Of Us, A Daddy's Girl

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin
By Dannielle Beardsley

Rosario Dawson is a name that when spoken can usually get someone to be able to drum up at least one movie they recognize her from. Three of her main roles should jump to mind: Josie and the Pussycats, Men in Black II, and Sin City. Since 1995 in her breakout role in the movie Kids she's been in movies, tv shows, music videos, video games, and has even done an audio book. For being a woman who is only 40 years old that is an extremely impressive resume.

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Rosario, wearing a black hoodie and jeans, speaking into a microphone.
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Growing up in New York City in an abandoned building that was renovated by her mother, Rosario learned about making things better for yourself, by yourself. She seems to have carried that into her everyday life. Rosario supports a whole slew of charities and clubs, the list being too long to put here. Her philanthropy efforts are amazing and just reading about all of the endeavors she is passionate about makes me want to go back and watch all of her film history in support.

Rosario Dawson and her boyfriend, US Senator Cory Booker.
Gettyimages | Araya Diaz

Aside from almost possibly becoming a First Lady of the United States while her boyfriend Cory Booker was running for President, Rosario is also an avid fan of Star Trek. Here is where we differ, as I am team Star Wars all the way. But I won't hold it against her, the fact that she can speak Klingon says she is dedicated and I appreciate that. That is actually where we are most alike, in our passions about our fandoms and our dads.

Rosario Dawson and boyfriend Cory Booker at a Democratic Presidential Debate
Gettyimages | SAUL LOEB

Being away from friends and family for extended periods of time is something that just comes along with being an actor. As they get older, or have kids, or just get over the fantasy of traveling all over, actors sometimes tend to only pick roles close to where they live, or fly their whole family out to stay with them if possible. Rosario is flying back and forth from sets to be with her adoptive father, Greg, every other weekend to be with him during his chemo treatment.

Rosario Dawson wearing a blue dress and hair braided on the side.
Gettyimages | Rich Polk

Her father is battling pancreatic cancer, one that has claimed the lives of Patrick Swayze and Steve Jobs. Her current job on USA Network series Briarpatch has been extremely accommodating with her schedule and is allowing her to spend as much time with him as she can, rearranging schedules and doing everything they can to give here even an extra few hours here and there. As someone who has been there, but with a much less forgiving work schedule, I'm happy that she is able to get this time with her dad.

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