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Cardi B Never Afraid To Publicly Express Sexuality

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Lacretia Roberts

Cardi B debuted on Love and Hip Hop New York after blowing up on social media years prior. We learned that she was full of personality, spunk and a no filter approach when it comes to voicing her opinions. She is scrappy often getting into fights and showing she is never afraid in the face of any threat. Though Cardi has time and time again shown her ability to step up to people who wrong her, she is also known for her very sexual demeanor.

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Even as the starlette took to Netflix's Rythym and Flow she made raunchy comments to competing artists such as "will I remember you later on when I'm getting f*cked," and "I would make love to this song." Her comments, though accompanying her shock and awe style show she can't resist spicing things up with her boisterous sexuality.

Cardi B has no secrets when it comes to her well publicized relationship with husband and rapper Offset of Migos, whom she supports and remains loyal to despite cheating allegations from prior years.

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Emotional and heartfelt lyrics from her Grammy award winning album, Invasion of Privacy, which featured verses detailing lines such as "I gave you tlc, you wanna creep and sht, poured out my whole heart to a piece of sht" and "did you risk your whole home for a h*e from the bar" from songs, _Be Careful_and Thru Your Phone" revealed Cardi's pain.

However Cardi has since forgiven Offset and is still getting it on with her hubby while displaying their love very publicly. From her many post on Instagram, fans can tell the couple has definitely gotten past the infidelities.

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Cardi even gifted her husband a half a million dollars in a very genuine and intimate birthday moment which she shared on Instagram. Fans could see the couple reunited and working with a loving dynamic. Cardi has not once failed to show she loves her man and that he has no need to stray.

From her interview with Ellen where she discloses the sex position she was in when she got pregnant, to her explicit lyrics from songs like Bickenhead, which encourage ladies to, "make that p*ssy crack a smile," Cardi is not shy about discussing kinky details for getting dirty.

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Cardi clearly loves sex and has no qualms about showing just how she likes it to anyone, anywhere. Her blatant sexual remarks and behavior show she is in touch with who she is and she knows how to get what she wants. While some may argue that Cardi's sexuality is inappropriate, others may find it liberating and empowering. One thing the world can count on is that Cardi will continue to push the boundaries of conservative norms when it comes to expressing sexual nature and prowess.

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