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Billie Eilish is Tired of Internet Trolls Trying to Ruin Her Life.

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By RachelBolin

By this point in time it is not a question that you have already heard the name Billie Eilish. How could anyone not hear about the artist who one five Grammy awards in a single night? In a recent interview with BBC Breakfast Billie revealed that she has decided to stop reading the comments left on social media because, according to her, they were "ruining her life." Knowing that she could not let the words of people she does not know destroy her sense of self; she made the wise decision to stop listening to what others say.

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The artist loves music but has recently come under fire because of the facial expressions and acceptance speeches she made upon winning her five Grammy awards at the beginning of the new year. While speaking about the recent release of her Bond 25 theme song release and her five Grammy wins Billie said " It's weird the cooler the things you get to do are, the more people hate you." She tried to sympathize with her trolls by saying "Say anything to make somebody laugh. I've experienced that — growing up, I'd say things that I thought people would laugh at, and then later I realized that wasn't cool to say."

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Her brother Finneas O' Connell supported Billie's views by saying he believes that the people who feel that they have no strong public voice are responsible for the rise in trolling. He stated "When you feel you have no public voice, it seems so immeasurable in the equality scale of whose voice is louder, you feel like your voice is very quiet, even though on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it can reach [celebrities] directly." Billie is not the only celebrity to take some form of hiatus from social media. Others include Selena Gomez, Sarah Hyland, and even Kim Kardashian.

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Billie always loved that Instagram was such a great way to stay in touch with her fans; so it came as a serious heartbreak to her when she ran into more trolls than she could stand. She confirmed this when she said " "I've always wanted to stay in touch with the fans and keep talking to them, and people have ruined that for me and for them, and that sucks," When you think about it, she isn't wrong. People ruin great things for other people every single day.

While these trolls are busy saying that Billie Eilish didn't handle her Grammy award wins with the grace they expected from her. They wanted her to be "more adult" about it. While admittedly Billie is still only 18 years old it seems to me she handles negative situations with more grace than her haters could ever hope to have. Billie seems to show compassion towards her fans and trolls alike and to me the way a person acts in a difficult or negative situation proves more about their character than feeling undeserving of an award does.

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