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How Open Marriage Rumors Have Affected Denise Richards' Time Filming 'RHOBH'

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By Natalie Hunter

Fans already know that Denise Richards will be at the center of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 11's drama before the first episode has aired. Rumors of Denise and Brandi Glanville hooking up have been surfacing all over the internet for months. Despite denying doing anything with Brandi, many fans have deduced that her relationship with her husband Aaron Phyphers must be an open relationship. Otherwise, how would he be ok with this hookup? However, Denise recently shut that rumor down as well.

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A source told HollywoodLife that Denise Richards “has no idea where the rumors of her having an open marriage with Aaron [Phypers] came from, but they, of course, upset her.”

The source also confirmed suspicions that this drama will take over the upcoming season of 'RHOBH.' Denise has become the target for trying to deny the rumors with Brandi.

“[Denise] seems to be the target this season. The feeling is that Brandi [Glanville] has just been out to get her to start drama,” the source confirmed.


"Denise does hold her own despite them getting into it, although she didn’t attend one of the parties because she didn’t want to give Brandi a filming platform for more drama,” the source told HollywoodLife. "It’s honestly Garcelle [Beauvais] who jumps to her defense the most. She would’ve loved some of the other ladies to support her more, especially Lisa Rinna, who is a good friend, so that was surprising and upsetting, but she knows she and Aaron are fine and these are just rumors. "


"But, she just doesn’t want it upsetting her daughters more than anything else," the source added.

“Denise plans to finish the season, but the jury seems to be out whether she continues after that,” the insider told HollywoodLife. “Aaron will support Denise doing the show so long as she has fun doing it. He got himself involved in some of the drama this season because he had to back his wife up on several occasions, which were hard for him.”

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The source also challenged rumors about Denise and Aaron heading towards splitsville.

“Denise and Aaron have been doing really well,” the source said. “He’s really supported her throughout all of these rumors circulating around the upcoming season of Housewives.”

While Denise has been vehemently denying the hookup rumors, Brandi has stood firmly behind them. The rumors were initially exposed during a dinner party that most of the 'RHOBH' housewives were present for. Fans will just have to watch to see if the truth ever comes out.

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