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Peter Weber Rewards Drama Again During Hometowns on 'The Bachelor'

Gettyimages | Noel Vasquez
By Megan Prevost

The Bachelor franchise is not immune to villainous characters and toxic people. Actually, they've had their fair share of them over the years.

Chad from Jojo's season of The Bachelorette and Jed from Hannah B's season are definitely stand outs. However, this season has brought a whole new threat to Victoria F.

She's been pretty manipulative over the past few episodes, and many fans are shocked to see that Peter has kept her around this long, What happened in her hometown and did Peter finally send her home?

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Victoria's Hometown Drama

Giphy | The Bachelor

This week's episode of The Bachelor was hometown week. Peter visited each of the four remaining girls' hometowns to try and decide whether or not his feelings for them are real.

Most of the dates went smoothly. He confessed his love to Hannah Ann, told Madison he was falling for her and listened to Kelsey confess her love.

When it came to Victoria's hometown date, things went off the rails. Their date included a Hunter Hayes concert and some honestly adorable dancing.

Merissa Pence's Warning

Giphy | The Bachelor

During their hometown date, Weber was approached by his ex-girlfriend Merissa Pence. Pence claimed to have been friends with Victoria F. in the past. The two were friends right before she left to be on The Bachelor, but things went sideways fast.

Pence warned Peter to stay away from the Virginia Beach native, saying that she had broken up many relationships in the past.

In an interview Pence later did with Entertainment Tonight, she explained that Victoria had also threatened Pence in the past for going near her ex-boyfriend.

And Of Course, They Fought About It

Giphy | The Bachelor

Obviously, being the confrontational person that he is, Peter brought this up to Victoria. The two fought on Victoria's parents' doorstep until Victoria had had enough.

During the argument, Victoria barely explained herself and even ended up storming away from the conversation altogether. She told Peter over and over that she couldn't do this anymore and that she didn't have anything to say.

Victoria made it seem like she was the victim because Peter was attacking her by arguing with her on the night of her hometown.

Victoria's Parents

Giphy | The Bachelor

After all of that, Peter didn't even end up meeting Victoria's family. The two said their goodbyes outside of the house and Peter left.

The next morning, Victoria showed up at his hotel room. The too spoke, but nothing really happened. The fight was definitely not resolved.

However, by the rose ceremony, Peter had made up his mind. After giving Hannah Ann and Madison the first two roses, the third was left for Victoria, for some reason. Ultimately, he sent Kelsey home.

We'll see what happens next week. Hopefully, Peter can learn to stop rewarding the ever-dramatic Victoria F.

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