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Denise Richard's Future with RHOBH on Shaky Ground After 'Open Marriage' Rumors

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By Zachary Holt

Denise Richards, a staple on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has been dealing with the unfounded rumors that she and her husband, Aaron Phypers, are in an open marriage.

For the actress, she claims to not know where the rumors originated, but because they haven't died down, Richards felt obligated to address them, citing that they were completely untrue.

And because she hasn't had any support in the matter from some of her castmates, her future is not looking promising for the next season of RHOBH, at least as it currently stands.

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Richards Feels Compelled to Address 'Open Marriage' Rumors

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A source close to the RHOBH star spoke to HollywoodLife, exclusively, to clear up the rumors and perhaps, misunderstanding. They shared that the rumors began when it was alleged that Richards and fellow castmate, Brandi Glanville hooked up.

Although neither party has confirmed or denied the incident, Richards has, ultimately, had enough and feels as though she's being victimized by the drama that is being perpetuated by Glanville, herself. "[Denise] seems to be the target this season. The feeling is that Brandi [Glanville] has just been out to get her to start drama," the source revealed.

Brandi Glanville Is Allegedly Perpetuating Drama with Richards

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According to the source, Richards doing anything with Glanville that is filmed, gives her more of a platform to continue to propagate drama, something Richards is not keen to entertain. As a result, the actress has been distancing herself from Glanville, even declining a recent party invitation.

"Denise does hold her own despite them getting into it, although she didn’t attend one of the parties because she didn’t want to give Brandi a filming platform for more drama," the source shared. The issue isn't simply that Glanville is creating drama, though, but that her other castmates aren't coming to her defense or supporting her.

Richards Spoke Out on Rumor Because of Family and Their Image

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Speaking about Richards' desire to have support from her fellow castmates, the source shared, "It’s honestly Garcelle [Beauvais] who jumps to her defense the most. She would’ve loved some of the other ladies to support her more, especially Lisa Rinna, who is a good friend, so that was surprising and upsetting, but she knows she and Aaron are fine and these are just rumors."

"But, she just doesn’t want it upsetting her daughters more than anything else," the source continued, referring to Richards' three daughters, Sam, 15, Lola, 14, and Eloise, 8. Her youngest daughter was adopted in 2011 after her divorce with Charlie Sheen was finalized.

Richards' Future on RHOBH Does Not Look Promising

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Regarding the future of Richards appearing on RHOBH, it doesn't look promising. According to the source, she intends to honor her commitment to film the remainder of the season, but is unsure if she'll be returning for the subsequent installment.

"Denise plans to finish the season, but the jury seems to be out whether she continues after that," the source shared. "Aaron will support Denise doing the show so long as she has fun doing it. He got himself involved in some of the drama this season because he had to back his wife up on several occasions, which were hard for him."

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