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Jennifer Aniston

What Jennifer Aniston Would Tell Her 30-Year-Old Self

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By Jennifer Vaughn

Jennifer Aniston just turned 51 on February 11. The actress is most well-known for her time spent as Rachel on Friends. Obviously, she has had many more roles in addition to this popular television show from the 90s. Since 2010, Jennifer has starred in 18 movies including 'Just Go With It,' 'Dumplin',' and 'The Switch.' No matter what role is your favorite, Jennifer has made a major impact on the entertainment industry, as well as the lives of her fans.

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Jennifer Aniston
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In addition to her roles in film and television, Jennifer also has wise words that she spoke to her younger self in an interview with Glamour Magazine in 2013. This advice can be utilized by anyone. What are these words, you ask?

Jennifer said that she would tell her teenage self, 'Don’t try so hard. Pay attention. Do your homework. Go to class.'

To her 20-year-old self, she would say 'not to fret so much.' I mean, don't we all worry just a bit too much at times?

Jennifer Aniston
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The advice doesn't stop there. Jennifer said she would tell her 30-year-old self 'Go to therapy. Clean up all of the sh-t. Clean up all of the toxins and the noise. Understand who you are. Educate yourself on the self.'

The most important thing that a person can do is truly know his/herself. If you know yourself, you can pursue your dreams without abandon or fear. Jennifer, in her success, noticed that even she could change things and know herself better.

Jennifer Aniston
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This seems to prove that we all have things we can change and improve about ourselves. Jennifer seems to be the embodiment of perfection with her grace, beauty, intelligence, and talent. If she realizes that one can never stop improving their self, then it must be a truth that we should all listen to, remember, and apply in our lives.

In the 2013 interview with Glamour mentioned above, Jennifer said, 'If You're Not Happy, You Can Become Happy. Happiness Is a Choice.'

Friends Cast
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Yes. Preach. Happiness is a choice. YOLO. Live your best life. All of the above. We should not let life pass us by without an effort to improve, or we may look back and wonder what life could have been like. So, let's all take Jennifer's advice and improve upon ourselves while striving for happiness.

While Jennifer's advice to her 30-year-old self is tailored to her own life and experiences thus far, bits and pieces can be applied to anyone's life.

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