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People Are Coming For Kendra & Joseph Duggar's Parenting Over This Moment

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By A. Elise

Joseph Duggar is the latest Duggar to come under fire. He and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, have two children. In November 2019, the Counting On couple welcomed a daughter named Addison to the world. They already have one son named Garrett.

Like any new parents, the "little Duggar family" shared family photos on social media. The couple's most recent Instagram post has many fans wondering if the two are putting their children's safety at risk for the sake of Instagram views.

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A Brief History of Kendra & Joseph

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Kendra and Joseph began courting in spring of 2017. They got engaged at Joy-Anna Duggar's wedding several months later. If you pay attention to the Duggar family at all, you likely know that the family puts strict courtship rules on their children. That means no hugging, no kissing, and no spending time alone without a chaperone (even for the adult Duggars). Even hand-holding is frowned upon before engagement.

Kendra and Joseph married in September, and they were expecting their first child by December. What a year!

The Instagram Post in Question

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While nobody can deny that Kendra and Joe seem to be doting parents who love their children, the Duggars are getting some heat based on a recent Insta post. In a new video, the couple shows 1-year-old Garrett playing with Addison, who is just three months old.

In the video, Garrett zips up Addison's baby carrier, which makes her giggle adorably. Of course, the short video got some fans talking about how safe it was to allow Garrett to zip up the carrier.

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So, what's the big deal?

Many of Kendra and Joe's followers were wary that Garrett would accidentally zip up poor baby Addison's skin in the zipper. Even those fans who thought the video was cute were afraid. One fan commented, "Very cute. Please be careful the zipper doesn’t catch her face."

Other Duggar family members did not address any safety issues. Joe's sisters, including Joy-Anna, Jessa, and Jana, commented about how cute the video was. This prompted some fans to wonder if they even realized a safety concern was involved.

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Of course, there are also plenty of other fans who realized that Garrett was being supervised while the video was filmed. Some were quick to point out that Addison was not in unsupervised danger.

Of course, this segment of the Duggar family is not quite out of the woods. Most recently, Kendra and Joseph have been sharing sponsored Instagram posts. This leads man people who watch the family wonder if the two are having some financial issues. With the recent news that Anna and Josh Duggar may be living on a warehouse on Duggar property, it seems possible.

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