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Taylor Swift and her Dad Scott Swift look adorable as they share a father-daughter portrait.

Taylor Swift’s Father Stood His Ground Against A Burglar On His $4 Million Property

Gettyimages | Rick Diamond
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Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Kingsley Swift showed a burglar the stuff he was made of in his home. According to reports, the singer’s father got to his Florida penthouse around 10 PM and found out that a burglar was in his home. Another person’s instinct would have been to call the police or flee the scene immediately. However, Swift showed how brave he was and stood his ground against the burglar and fought him off from his $4 million penthouse property.

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Scott Swift, Taylor Swift and other friends are all smily I’m this photo and they look gorgeous.
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According to reports, the burglar was on the 13th floor of the building when Scott got home. Reports also confirmed that the penthouse is surrounded by heavy security and they had no idea how the burglar made his way j to the house. Fortunately for Scott, the police have been able to identify who the burglar is. The police revealed that the burglar, Terrence Hoover, is a 30-year-old man living in St. Augustine, Florida. Further reports about how he gained access to the home was also revealed.

Scott Swift and daughter, Taylor Swift look gorgeous as they clap their hands at an event.
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The burglar was able to go past a heavily guarded gate without being noticed, and he used an emergency stairwell, which is always open for emergency purposes to get through to the penthouse.

Hoover, the burglars definitely had his plan in place to get into the house and come out without being notice. However, he did not count on two occurrences happening. The first thing he did not plan for, was Scott Swift intercepting him after he arrived home. He also did not bank on Scott trying to fight him off too.


Another thing that the burglar did not take into perspective is the security cameras. Although he was able to gain access into the penthouse, several security cameras caught his face and this was enough for the police to complete their investigation.

This is not the first time burglars have tried to gain access into famous people’s homes, but this time around and in few other cases, he or she was caught and handed over to the police immediately.

Hoover was able to escape the scene of the crime, but he later made a report at the police station.

Father and daughter look amazing in this photo as they take time out to bond.
Gettyimages | Rick Diamond

After the altercation, Hoover mentioned the incident to the cops, saying that he was intercepted by a man living at the Vinoy. Scott Swift was shown a photo line-up to help the cops know who really burgled the house, and he identified Hoover as the burglar.

According to the reports, before the break-in happened, the cops spotted Hoover and asked him to stop because he made a wrong U-turn. However, they let him off with a warning not knowing that he was planning to burgle a home in the later hours of the day.

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