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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Plays a Bigger Role After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Step Down

Gettyimages | Max Mumby/Indigo
By Jennifer Vaughn

Has Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's absence led to more opportunity and responsibility? Apparently, the answer to this question is a resounding YES. Kate and Prince William are 'picking up the slack' according to an article published on January 23 of this year.

While a palace source is said to have called Meghan and Prince Harry's actions 'selfish,' it seems to have Kate showing all smiles. Not that she is glad for them to be gone, but that the increased responsibility is seen in a positive light.

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Prince William and Kate
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On February 14, the BBC Scotland News reported that Kate visited a Scottish homeless charity cafe. While visiting the cafe, a homeless man by the name of Matt Thomas stated the following about Kate's visit: 'She made you feel very much at ease very quickly. She's very interested in you as a person and finding out what your experience is.' Thomas, being homeless, 5 years, appreciated Kate 'taking time' to speak to him and the others at the cafe.

Kate Middleton
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On February 20, 2020, Kate visited The Ark Open Farm at Newtonards less than a week after her visit to Scotland. She definitely seems pretty busy in Meghan's absence, and she also seems to be enjoying it. In all the photos from early 2020, she seems genuinely happy and 'all smiles.'

Another thing that has changed is Prince William and Kate's Instagram page. It is much more active now, in early 2020, than it was before the uproar that Prince Harry and Meghan's exit seemed to cause.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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On February 15, 2020, the Daily Mail published an article detailing Kate's apparent 'guilt' from the struggle of finding a balance between work and motherhood.

Kate confessed that her roya l duties sometimes get in the way of being a parent. She also said that parents who do not feel like a failure at times are 'lying.'

So, she is busier with royal duties, but she feels like the business makes her choose work over things like taking her kids to school. Parents cannot be in two places at once, even royal parents.

Prince William and Kate and Family
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So, if Kate really does feel that her royal duties get in the way of parenting at least some of the time, why would an increase in royal duties make her happy? Maybe her supposed happiness is what is expected in her current role following Meghan's choice to focus solely on her child and her marriage.

Is Kate sacrificing more because Meghan and Harry chose to leave? I suppose only she would know the true answer to that question. Let's just hope that she is truly happy with the change she has been seeminly stuck with.

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