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Guess Who's Going To Be Next Gotham Hero?

Unsplash | Victor Xok
By Rima Pundir

Who has been your favorite Batman? Everyone from Michael Keaton to Christian Bale to even Val Kilmer has donned the cape and played their version of the caped crusader with an individualistic style. The most recent addition to this long revered role was Ben Affleck, and he managed to bring in an earthy charm to the role, especially when pitted against the cleft-chinned good looks of Henry Cavill's Superman. However, Affleck will no longer be playing the Gotham savior, and others will have to step into his big shoes.

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Why Is Affleck Bowing Out?

Gettyimages | Hector Vivas

Affleck did Batman a favor. Playing millionaire came easy to him and then he did brooding caped crusader pretty well too, especially when he kills off Superman for the greater good of humanity (not!). Paired with the Justice League heroes that also included the lovely Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller as Flash, Affleck's Batman is often shown to be struggling with guilt as well as advancing years. Unlike the other heroes, Batman is the only one who is mortal and without any "powers" per se.

Is Affleck's Age Catching Up With Him?

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Frankly, Affleck is a lot older than his Justice League co-stars. That said; age is just a number and Affleck is pretty gung-ho about his acting and directing career. For this time's Batman, it seems Affleck could not work out a script he felt strongly about. Longtime collaborator, cinematographer Robert Richardson let the cat out of the bag saying the new movie was going to be much darker. Apparently, there are aspects of Batman that aren't very sane, and Affleck could not make a dark script work for him.

Affleck Is All Too Happy Giving Up The Batmobile

Gettyimages | Hector Vivas

Along with being an actor, Affleck is a pretty good director and screenwriter as well. So when a much darker script about Arkham Asylum, where Batman was once a resident, was needed, Affleck did not feel strongly enough about it. He decided it was time to step back and let others take the reins. Affleck is far from one to be unhappy about it for when it was announced that Matt Reeves will be taking over direction, Affleck tweeted his excitement about it.

Presenting, The Vampirical Batman

Gettyimages | David Livingston

Nope, despite the headline, Robert Pattinson will not be playing a vampirical Batman. He will be playing Batman but minus his usual blood-sucking apparatus, including the fangs. The latest to join the long list of stellar actors who have played Batman, Pattinson may bulk up a bit for this role. But when it comes to playing a titular role of a sanity-questioning hero, there is none better than Pattinson to portray an angst-ridden character with ease. And here's a sneak peek into the all-new Batman...

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