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Niall Horan is releasing his new album, "Heartbreak Weather" next month.

Niall Horan Shows All Sides of a Break-Up With His Music

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By Nicole Caropolo

Everyone goes through a break up differently. Some people decide to just cry it out and watch movies that make them cry even more. Others prefer to throw themselves into their schoolwork or their job. Then there are the people that refuse to think that their relationship is over and text their ex nonstop to beg for another chance.

There's more than just one way to feel about a breakup and Niall Horan is here to show you all of them.

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He Showcases All Tones of a Heartbreak


In a recent interview with iHeart Radio, Horan discussed what his process was like when he was making his newest album, "Heartbreak Weather."

He decided that despite the focus of the album being about heartbreak, he didn't want to choose just one tone.

In the interview, he said, “I just started thinking, I can write songs here from all the different angles of a break-up, not from my side… the happy side, the egotistical side, like [my song] ‘Nice To Meet Ya.’”

He Combines Happiness and Sadness

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The combination of happy and sad tones in the album fits in pretty well with what we all go through when a relationship ends. It's a rollercoaster of emotions. Now you just need one album to get you through it, not a moody Spotify playlist.

In the follow-up to his first album, "Flicker," it's all about the story that listeners can follow from track to track.

In the iHeart Radio interview, Horan said, “With Heartbreak Weather, I wanted to tell the story that was in my head, hopefully lead people down the storytelling lane of an album track listing versus just ‘I’m gonna skip to the next one.’

He's Excited for the Concerts

Niall Horan is touring for his new album, "Heartbreak Weather."
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He said that he's looking forward to combining different tones and moods from both albums in his upcoming concerts.

Horan told iHeart Radio that he’s “excited, because what this album does is gives a little bit more tempo to what I already have from Flicker. I can stick two albums together now, one’s quite sad, and the other one’s sad but happy," he said. “At the same time, and we can put a good show on together and really make the Nice To Meet Ya Tour a big spectacle and something that people will enjoy because I’m going to be putting a billion percent in every night to make sure of that.”

Just a One-Month Wait

Niall Horan's album will be released March 13.
Gettyimages | Paul R. Giunta

The new album is set to release next month on March 13. He's already released two tracks from the project, "Nice To Meet Ya" and "No Judgement." So if you can't wait one whole month, just listen to those on repeat in the meantime. His first album may also make the clock tick faster.

Visit his social media and his website,, in order to stay updated on any music news as well as preorder the album so you can play it in your headphones as soon as possible.

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