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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Some People Think Meghan Markle's Two-Year Curse Could Predict Divorce For Harry

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By Carolyn B.

Meghan Markle has never received much positive attention from the British media and fans of the Royal Family. She has been criticized for her every move and frequently accused of using her husband's family for fame and money ... and then accused of leaving them for the same thing.

Now people are starting to speculate on the future of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's marriage, and they seem to think there are some solid clues from Meghan's past that could indicate how things are likely to go.

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Two-Year Curse

Meghan Markle
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According to some followers of the Royal Family, Duchess Meghan has a bit of a habit of overturning huge life decisions every two years. They say she was previously married for just under two years, engaged to Prince Harry for two years, quit palace life in two years and so on.

Of course, this has led to some wild speculation that Duchess Meghan could decide to up and leave Prince Harry in May of 2020, two years after the couple tied the knot.

Not Quite Accurate

Meghan Markle
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Of course, these rumors are not quite accurate, anyway. While it is true that many of Duchess Meghan's major life events tend to end, shift, or take place in that two-year span, there are plenty of other events that have lasted much longer for Meghan.

For example, her lifestyle blog The Tig debuted in 2014 and lasted three years until she finally shut it down in 2017. Meghan's belief in a largely plant-based diet and a sustainable lifestyle has also lasted many years.


Meghan Markle
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There's also Meghan's former TV show Suits, in which the actor starred from 2011 to 2018, a seven-year stint. Duchess Meghan lived in Canada while filming the series, which some say led to her and Prince Harry's decision to move to Canada following their exit as senior members of Buckingham Palace.

Obviously, the Duchess of Sussex has plenty of things in her life that she is ready and willing to devote her time to. With or without that pesky two-year curse.

All For Archie

Archie Harrison, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry
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Further working in Meghan's defense are Prince Harry's assertions that he had a heavy hand in the decision. Prince Harry has been very vocal about his attitude toward the British press and his desire to protect Meghan and his son Archie Harrison from the media.

Sources close to the Sussexes have said the couple is very happy now that they are able to spend more time with their infant son and have been able to become more independent and less reliant on waitstaff.

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