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Chris Harrison and a bachelor

TV Show Hosts Help Contestants Find True Love, But What About Them?

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON
By Ali Grahem

The Bachelor, Love Island, and Are You The One? are all dating shows helping regular people find love. Each of these programs includes dates at gorgeous venues, an algorithm which is used to match the couples, TONS of drama and of course the ever-lovable host. The host connects the contestants to the viewers at home and keeps us informed on all the happenings. They play a major role in the love stories of every contestant and yet what about their love lives?

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Ryan Devlin speaking
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Are You The One? is an MTV series that uses an algorithm to secretly pair up couples. These chosen couples are thrown into a house to live together without knowing who their match is. There are match checking ceremonies where they all pair up to see how many perfect matches they have. Sounds easy enough right? Except for the fact that they are not told which couples are the right (or wrong) ones. If at the end of the season they've matched up perfectly the contestants split $1 million.

Terrance J
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The first five seasons of AYTO? were hosted by Ryan Devlin. Devlin is known for being very passionate with contestants and trying to help them truly find the right person. Maybe this is because he found his perfect match in Kara Holden . They have a son and recently moved to Kentucky.

Terrance J replaced Devlin as host in 2017. His love life has been a bit more broadcasted than Devlins' with his most recent girlfriend being model Jasmine Sanders. There was a scandal around their breakup with Terrance having been in a car wreck with a different woman.

Chris Harrison and wife
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Everyone's favorite host, Chris Harrison, has been with The Bachelor since the beginning in 2002. Chris is a man after our own hearts, married his high school sweetheart Gwen 1994. They were married for 18 years and announced their split in 2012. While he didn't sign up to be the bachelor instead of the host he hasn't given up on love. Harrison has been dating Lauren Zima since 2018. We can only hope that the day comes when he gives her the last rose.

Laura Whitmore
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Love Island started as a dating show for celebrities but is now for the general population. In this series, everyone on the island must be coupled up, whether it be for love or money. This British show was recently taken over by host Laura Whitmore. Although she hosts a show about helping people find love, Whitmore hasn't been searching for herself. She was just recently paired up with the show's narrator Ian Sterling.

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