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Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson’s Relationship Approved By Both Families

Gettyimages | Dave Lee
By Jimmy Ha

Miley Cyrus, 27, and Cody Simpson, 23, have been reported to be dating for only a few months, but they have full support from their family and friends!

“Their families both approve [of the relationship],” a source close to the couple told HollywoodLife, also adding that the two have a lot in common.

“Miley and Cody’s relationship works so well because they’ve known each other for years and they like the same things and have the same outlook on life. There’s no drama or fighting between them at all. They’re both homebodies a lot of the time. It’s just easy,” the insider continued.

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Cyrus shocked the world when she announced her divorce from longtime love Liam Hemsworth, 30, in August 2019. The two knew eachother for nearly a decade since they were both teenagers. meeting on the 2009 set of the Romance Movie titled, “The Last Song”.

But, the couple only lasted eight months as a married couple. “At the end of the day, Liam realized he wanted to be with someone who ran a more traditional household and wasn’t as out there as Miley,” the source explained.

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While fans were still getting used to the fact their relationship was indeed over, it only took a few months for Cyrus to grow strong attachments to Simpson.

The inside source argued that Simpson and Cyrus are a ‘better romantic match’. “Miley will always be Miley and she’s very out there and as Liam got older, he realized that wasn’t what he wanted in a partner anymore. He wanted traditional and that’s just not Miley. She’ll never change for anyone and she’s OK with that. It started a lot of fights between them.”

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While it may appear that the couple formed ‘out of nowhere’, the pair were actually close friends for years and had a romantic past. During a live stream on Instagram story, the couple argued about where they shared their first kiss, which turned out to be several years ago on Miley’s couch!

It seemed apparent that Simpson was always peppered in the picture during Cyrus’ past relationships. The two would often vacation together, and he even joined as a ‘third wheel’ on a romantic getaway with ex Patrick Schwarznegger to Miami in 2014.

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During the Tiffany & Co. men’s launch event in October 2019, Simpson shared his feelings about how they met each other at just the right time.

“We’ve been friends…the reason why it’s not been like a really crazy, sudden thing is because we’ve been friends for so long that when, you know, we sort of found each other again in a space…we both met back in the day when we were partying a lot and we had a lot of fun then, but now we found each other in a space where we’re not partying, working real hard, and it just keeps things healthy.”

Although it's only been a few months, things seem to be getting serious between the two!

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