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Meghan Markle

Is Meghan Markle 'Jealous' of Kate Middleton? Meghan's Estranged Half-Sister Thinks So

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By Jennifer Vaughn

Meghan Markle's estranged half-sister, Samantha Markle, is spreading the rumor that Meghan is jealous of Kate Middleton. Is there truth in this, or is Samantha fishing for her 15 minutes of fame?

Twitter has been in a storm with tweets about Samantha's remarks concerning her half-sister. Apparently, the current drama all started with Samantha saying that Meghan intentionally ruined Kate's birthday. The action that supposedly had this effect was the announcement that Meghan and Harry would be stepping down as senior royals. This news was made public the day before Kate's 38th birthday.

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Meghan and Harry
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Samantha appeared on Inside Edition in early January 2020 and insinuated that Meghan married Harry because it would put her, Meghan, in the public spotlight.

Samantha went on to state that 'they', referring to Harry and Meghan, stepped into the public spotlight knowing what the media would be like towards them.

When on Inside Edition, she went on to state:

"If they wanted to be so private, she wouldn't have sat at Wimbledon with 40 empty seats around her, like, 'Look at me, look at me, look at me.' Clearly she knows she's engaging in attention-getting behaviors."

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Samantha labeled the action of Meghan and Harry stepping down as selfish, and a blatant lack of leading by example.

Samantha believes that Meghan wants a more private life than is actually possible when married into the royal family. While it is true that Samantha is stirring the pot of drama that she keeps warm over the fire, is this claim true? Could Meghan lead a very private life as a royal? Probably not. However, this does not mean that Meghan is jealous of Kate.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton
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Why would Meghan ever be jealous of Kate? They both married Princes. Still, Meghan is dealing with backlash and hate from the media that Kate never deals with. If Meghan were jealous, it would be understandable if she were jealous of Kate's lack of hate from the public. I mean, who wants to be hated, and unjustly hated at that? Nobody.

In November 2019, an inside source told People that 'Meghan is very aware that Kate will be Queen; their roles are very clear,' the insider dished.

Meghan Markle
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So, if Meghan went into this knowing Kate would be Queen. There is no reason for this to cause jealousy. However, the hate she endures on a daily basis from various sources is enough to make anyone want to step down. Does it prove she is jealous of Kate? No.

In November 2019, Stormzy spoke on New York radio station Hot 97, and he is quoted as saying: 'Meghan is a sweet woman, she does her thing... and they just hate her.'

The debate over whether Meghan is hated unjustly or at all will probably continue for decades. She stepped down from her position and moved to Canada for a reason. No matter what the press says, she and Harry made this choice for the best interest of their son and their marriage. Jealousy, if it exists, is irrelevant.

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