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Niall Horan poses for a photo.

Niall Horan Opens Up About Writing 'Heartbreak Weather'

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By Allie Elaine

Niall Horan is opening up about the inspiration behind his new album "Heartbreak Weather" which is set to be released on March 13th. Horan recently sat down with #MostRequestedLive! to dish on all of the latest news and detail behind his new music.

On the 7th of February, Horan released his first single from the album, "No Judgement". Of the song Horan said, "That was the first song that I wrote for the record. It was a riff that I'd had forever, and I just never really got down to writing the song around that riff, and then just sat down, had a concept in my head, and just went for it. I wrote that song, probably October or November 2018, so it's about time."

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When asked about the inspiration behind the title of his album, Horan said, "'Heartbreak Weather ' was the first thing that I ever wrote down. When I started, [I was] like, 'How do I write a break-up album that doesn't sound sobby throughout, and really selfish?' So I just wrote down the phrase 'heartbreak weather,' I don't know where it came from..."

In regards to genre and vibe, Horan also gave fans a bit of an idea as to what they might expect to find when listening to "Heartbreak Weather".

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He said, "I just started thinking, I can write songs here from all the different angles of a break-up, not from my side... the happy side, the egotistical side, like 'Nice To Meet Ya,' and then there's the sad ones, and the 'No Judgement' type vibes, and I was trying to think how I could do that. So 'Heartbreak Weather' kind of summed the album up for me, and when you see the tracklist and then hear the album from start to finish, it kind of tells a story, from the start of a relationship, to the middle of a relationship and then out the back end of it."

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In addition to the release of "Heartbreak Weather", Horan is prepping for a pretty huge tour to accompany the release. When it comes to being back on the road again, Horan can't wait. "Yeah, I'm excited, because what this album does is gives a little bit more tempo to what I already have from Flicker. I can stick to albums together now, one's quite sad, and the other one's sad but happy at the same time, and we can put a good show on together and really make the 'Nice To Meet Ya' Tour a big spectacle and something that people will enjoy because I'm going to be putting a billion percent in every night to make sure of that," he told #MostRequestedLive!.

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At the end of the interview, Horan gave fans a peak into where he currently stands with former "One Direction" bandmates, highlighting the fact that out of all of the guys, he has remained closest to Louis. "We're friends, and that's just it, and we always will be. I know that Louis has been through some stuff, and he also struggled to find his sound for a long time. Speaking to him on a regular basis about it, I know how much it means to him to get it finished and to turn what was a horrible couple of years for him, to turn it into some great, great songs, and what is this really, really solid album. It's gonna do great things."

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