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Jessica Simpson Said 'No' To 'The Notebook'

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By Melissa Weirick

Everyone who loves a good romance has seen The Notebook. And if you haven't seen it, you've read it. The two main characters, Noah and Allie, are played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams respectively. When you think of The Notebook, you think of those two stars. But what if things had gone differently back in the early 2000s, when the movie was cast? What if Rachel McAdams hadn't been Allie... but instead, Jessica Simpson had? It turns out, there's a sizable reason as to why Jessica turned the role down.

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Jessica was at her most famous when she starred in Dukes of Hazzard in 2005. She played Daisy Duke, who is known for wearing those ultra-short denim shorts. Back then, the "Daisy Duke" shorts instantly brought to mind the image of Jessica Simpson wearing them. In fact, it probably still does for a lot of people. And not only did she have Dukes of Hazzard, she also had a successful singing career. Jessica Simpson was a household name, and due to her notoriety 15 years ago, it's still a household name to this day.


She's also known for her famous "Chicken of the Sea" line. ("Is this chicken or is this fish?) Simply put, everyone knew Jessica Simpson and soon, everyone would know The Notebook. Jessica's career was on an upward spiral and starring in a movie adapted from a Nicholas Sparks book could only help her on that journey. But she gave the casting director a hard "no." Why would she do such a thing? How could she pass up Ryan Gosling telling her that if she's a bird, he's a bird?

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Really, it all comes down to something ingrained and important. Religion. At the time she was offered the role, Jessica Simpson was unmarried and a devout Christian, which meant that she was choosing to remain pure until marriage. That's to say, remain a virgin. Those who are familiar with the story of The Notebook knows that it involves a steamy sex scene somewhere in the middle, and when Jessica was made aware of that, all her cards were off the table. She refused to do such a thing with someone she wasn't married to, even if the sex wasn't real.

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Andy Cohen was the first to know that this happened at all. Jessica told him her reason in a recent interview, then went on to say that she doesn't regret her decision. She's happy that she stayed true to herself and her beliefs. Also, she had starred with Ryan Gosling on The Mickey Mouse Club when the two of them were tiny... filming a scene as spicy as the one in The Notebook might have been just a little awkward!

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That's not all the history that Jessica has with The Notebook, either. Back in 2006, when Jessica divorced her then-husband, Nick Lachey, the movie in question was playing on her flight. The news wasn't public yet, but it didn't have to be for Jessica's emotions to be ripped to shreds. According to her, she was a sobbing mess in first class. “Then they announced that the movie we all had to watch was The Notebook. Oh God, I thought. The most romantic movie in the world, and I was leaving Nick.” Her refusal of the role was probably for the best. The pain of watching herself go through a breakup (albeit fictional) on-screen probably would have wreaked even more havoc on her.

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