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Justin Bieber on the red carpet.

Justin Bieber's New Album is a Flop With Critics

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By Trace Alan Salzbrenner

Whether or not you like Justin Bieber, it is easy to see that this young man has talent. However, if you want to see what a waste of talent looks like, look no further than Bieber's latest album "Changes" that has left critics scratching their heads.

Now, there are a few critics that actually thought the album was ok, but the majority of critics felt that the album was a mess and suffered from a lack of direction on all fronts.

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One good review from Variety had good things to say, but also couldn't help but feel there was something missing.

Their review states, "His voice and the production are flawless, and his soul is in the right place — but there’s something airless about the album, too, like he could have left the window open a crack to let some sunshine in. For a Valentine’s Day album about love in bloom, it sounds surprisingly serious and dark, with a one-track-mind."

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But, the compliments are far and few with the rest of the line up of critics. The Guardian gave the album a total of 3 out of 5 stars for their review that said, "It just feels subdued and unassuming, which are curious things for mainstream pop to be. It’s a tentative, rather than all-guns-blazing, return, with a by-any-means-necessary bubblegum single dutifully tacked on to throw his record label a bone." The review also passively asks if Justin even wants to be famous anymore.

Justin Bieber caught by suprise.
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The Independant didn't have much good to say either. Their review states, "This isn’t so much an album that would rile you to the point of turning it off. Rather, it washes over you, with its mostly average beats (“Forever” is a rare exception) and seemingly random cluster of guest features."

They continue, "For all Bieber’s talk of change, this album, the way he talks about love – and the fact he feels compelled to make not one, but five jokes about male genitalia at the playback – suggest he hasn’t come all that far since the days of 'baby, baby, baby, oh'."

Justin Bieber at a wrestling match.
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New Music Express had their own thoughts on the album and stated, "‘Changes’ is a knackering listen. Overly reliant on trendy production and profound(ish) romantic proclamations, it’s a disappointing comeback from an artist who has a track record in creating hits."

All in all, this entire album sounds like a disappointment. Let's just hope that this is an experimental period on Justin's discography and not the way he want's to make music from now on. At least "Forever" is kinda good.

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