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Constance Wu Made $600 While Researching for 'Hustlers' Role

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz
By Stephanie Elmir

Constance Wu co-starred among a varied and colorful cast of women in 2019's "Hustlers" a film covering a drugging and robbing scam done by a group of strippers. Wu was set to be the main star of the film, but Jennifer Lopez received most of the acclaim and nominations for it.

It was recently revealed that Wu confessed that for research, she stripped in front of an audience and made 600 dollars. That's a pretty good sum considering most people make less than that in a week.

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Kelly Clarkson Show


Wu walked onto "The Kelly Clarkson Show" and revealed to the awestruck Clarkson her untold stories of "Hustlers". Wu laughed, saying she gave complete strangers lap dances for the role. Moreover, she had an undercover disguise with fake tattoos and changed her hair.

Not even telling the club owners who she was, she just went in and asked for a job stripping there. On top of that, she put a pole in her living room and visited other strip joints in San Francisco.

Compared To J. Lo

Giphy | Hustlers

Although Jennifer Lopez has not done the same research as Wu, she has decades of experience in the dance field. Lopez had the hardest pole stripping sequence, having to gracefully recede backward while her legs held her up. Johanna Sapakie also trained her for six months.

Both women worked very hard, and ended up with incredible results, performance and dance wise. There's no fair way to compare and contrast these artists without praising them both for their vulnerability and strength onscreen.

Snubbed Performance

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

After all the preparation and research, Jennifer Lopez was snubbed for her performance as Ramona, and Wu was nearly forgotten for hers as Destiny. At the very least, Lopez and director Lorene Scarfaria were nominated or recognized, but Wu was barely even seen on the awards season trail.

It goes to show that women and people of color still have a long way to go before being recognized for their contributions to film and American culture. Justice for Wu!

Screen Off

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard

As much as she loved the experience of preparing and playing the role of Destiny, Wu told Clarkson that she wouldn't watch "Hustlers" or any of her future films or shows. After watching herself in "Crazy Rich Asians" it seems the fanfare and attraction to her in media stunted her ability to watch her work or interviews.

No doubt, it's a good way to stay humble in the glitzy world of Hollywood. Moreover, it's safer to stay away from online harassment.

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