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Jordyn Woods Is So Over The Tristan Thompson Kissing Scandal

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By Julia Duda

It's hard to believe that it has now been one year since news first broke of Jordyn Woods' cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson. The kissing scandal proved to be one of the biggest pieces of drama that would come from the whole year -- and many still haven't forgotten how messy the aftermath was. While there's no doubt that the Kardashians -- especially Khloe -- have not forgotten about the scandal, there is one person who won't be commenting on it anytime soon: Jordyn!

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In case you've forgotten about the drama, here's a brief recap. One year ago, reports broke that Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, was caught kissing someone at a party. He wasn't kissing just anyone though -- it was Jordyn Woods, AKA Kylie Jenner's best friend at the time and close family friend to the entire Kardashian clan. After the news broke, Jordyn swiftly moved out of Kylie's house and appeared to cut all ties with the Kardashians, and vice versa.


Jordyn attempted to share her side of the story during an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk. She explained that Tristan was the one who kissed her, and that it was nothing more than a kiss and certainly only a one-time thing, not an affair. She expressed remorse for the situation but made it clear that she was not the one who destroyed Khloe's family. She acknowledged that it was a messy, drunken mistake -- but not everyone was convinced.

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Khloe, in particular, was not impressed by Jordyn's interview. Shortly after it aired, Khloe called out Jordyn via Twitter, calling her a "liar" and saying that "you ARE the reason my family broke up!" Fans were not pleased by this sentiment, however, as Khloe seemed to be placing all of the blame on Jordyn and none on Tristan, who was the true perpetrator. Khloe did take back her words and acknowledged Tristan's wrongdoing, but clearly the damage was done and Khloe did not make it seem like she was going to forgive Jordyn anytime soon.

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Fast-forward a year now, and the Kardashians have never reconciled with Jordyn. Of course, if there's one person who is definitely not interested in reliving the drama, it's Jordyn. According to Perez Hilton, "Jordyn’s position now is she’s going to just let it be what it is. She said what she had to say.” And Jordyn certainly has said plenty about the scandal in the past, but it looks like she's focused on moving forward and living her life. As for Khloe and Tristan, they aren't together but they are still close as they share a daughter together. There's no way to know if the Kardashians will ever forgive Jordyn, but based on Khloe's reaction to her apology, it doesn't seem like it'll happen anytime soon, if ever!

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