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Niall Horan Writes Songs From Different Sides, From Someone Else Looking In

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By Kevin JP

Niall Horan may not be the most high profile former One Direction member, but he's crafting a style of his own for sure. The songs off his upcoming release 'Heartbreak Weather' are interconnected, which is quite unusual for a pop album. Niall really wanted to show the different viewpoints of a break up in these songs and avoid just focusing on his side. This unique approach is a perfect example of how he has gone in his own direction on his second solo album.

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The Ideas Behind the Songs

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Niall first came up with the title of the album pretty early on in the process, before most of the material was even written. It all began with him trying to figure out how to write a break-up song that doesn't sound too sappy, or self-centered either. It was a that point that the phrase 'Heartbreak Weather' hit him, so he made note of it and continued writing. This would complement the 'sad' songs like No Judgement, which was written in November of 2018, and the first song written for the new record.

The Upcoming Tour

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Niall is really pumped about the Nice To Meet Ya Tour, as this album brings quite a bit more tempo than his first solo effort, Flicker. He is looking forward to pairing material from each record together he he hits the road. Niall is pretty confident that this will allow him to put on a show that will be a big spectacle and he plans on putting in 'a billion percent' each and every night to make sure of it!

The 1D Friendship and Possible Reunion

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Niall insists that he and the guys from One Direction are all still friends and always will be - it's as simple as that. He also thinks the it would be stupid for there to not be a One Direction Reunion at some point. While no one has any details, Niall doesn't want all of those One Direction fans out there to lose hope of the possibility. Though the members haven't discussed any details, but they all feel as though it's something that will definitely happen.

Partying at The Grammys

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Niall opened up about his evening at the Grammys and partying afterwards with Shawn Mendes, Lewis Capaldi and Camila Cabello. Niall insists that they all had a really great time and to be perfectly honest, they were fairly intoxicated. He also admits that he was really just trying to get Shawn drunk because he's spent most of his time in the last year either in the gym or on stage. I wanted him to have a end of the tour bow out Niall said.

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