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Swizz Beatz smiles for photographers

Swizz Beatz Comments On Son's Viral Grammys Outfit

Gettyimages | Cindy Ord
By Chris Barilla

Although Swizz Beatz officially was at the Grammy awards to be supportive to his wife, Alicia Keys, who was hosting the 2020 edition of the prestigious award show, the headlines that stemmed from the family's attendance were not about the mega famous producer, but his son, Prince Nasir Dean, who opted to don a skeleton influenced outfit for music's biggest night, immediately going viral online and prompting countless types of feedback from users that didn't really know how to process the wardrobe choice.

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Swizz Beatz poses with Alicia Keys at the MET Gala
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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Swizz Beatz commented on his son's controversial choice of dress, saying he was initially quite surprised by the amount of attention the outfit garnered in the media, saying, "The number of phone calls and people hitting me up about him was crazy," in the wake of the family's red carpet appearance prior to the awards.

Initially, fans were confused who the individual in the skeleton face paint was, but once joining his family people were able to put the pieces together.

Giphy | Justin Timberlake

"I thought he was super brave," the producer went on to explain, "One thing that we do in the household is we let our kids express themselves, and he just showed up as his character, Note Mercato, and I was like, ‘You know we’re going to the Grammys right?’ And he’s like, ‘Mm hmm, I’m going like this."

“You know, I thought it really worked for him," the multi-award-winning artist said to the publication, explaining he didn't ever express concern over the wardrobe choice.

Swizz Beatz poses for photographers at a dinner
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The producer, who has worked with many notable names in modern recorded music, has always maintained that artistic expression and integrity are core parts of his life, and him and his wife do their best to instill similar values into their children, something that Prince, who goes by his stage name Note Marcato, has taken full advantage of.

"We need to stop making people be what we want them to be, instead of just letting them be who they want to be, and that is the biggest lesson I’ve learned," he commented to the publication.

Swizz Beatz and his children photographed at the Grammy awards
Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

"If [my son] wants to wear his makeup and his costume and he’s being respectful, then I’m all for it, I give him the space to have his own sound, his own style, his own everything. I’m here to love him anyway," the artist concluded.

He is exceedingly proud of his creative son, and him and Keys seemingly propagate his freedom of expression even at home. Despite parental approval, the internet still had a field day by analyzing the young creative's wardrobe choice.

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