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Demi Lovato performing

Demi Lovato Is Moving On With Her Life

Gettyimages | CBS Photo Archive
By Aja

Even celebrities have a hard time with life's challenges. Demi Lovato has struggled with drug addiction and mental disorders for most of her career. At one point, the Anyone singer thought about throwing away her career. Luckily, she gained the strength to continue singing. It's great to see Demi Lovato back in the game and doing what she does best, making great music. To celebrate her comeback in the new year, the relentless singer has made some positive changes in her life.

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A Vision Of White

Demi Lovato performing at 2020 Grammys
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Demi Lovato made the first step to change during her performance at the 62nd Grammys. The singer took the stage in a stunning white gown, appearing as an angel. The dress paired with the emotional performance she delievered with her new single Anyone brought everyone to tears. It appeared that the singer had done some serious soul searching during recovery, that is until four days later, the singer overdosed again. Luckily, she bounced right back after the brief laspe of judgement. If anything, Lovato's moving performance at the Grammy's showed that the singer is a fighter.

A House That Reminds Her Of That Dark Moment

Demi Lovato performing
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Facing our worst fears can be therapeutic in some ways. On the other hand, it can be emotionally difficult to overcome. Demi Lovato is eager to sell her Laurel Canyon mansion in Los Angeles. While the estate is beautiful; with glossy marble countertops, ceiling-to-floor windows and a sprawling “sky lounge” terrace, the home holds some difficult memories for the singer. Lovato had suffered her severe drug overdose at the estate, a painful memory indeed. Making a quick sell on the mansion will help with her healing process.

She's Surrounding Herself With Great Artists

Demi Lovato and Sam Smith at an event
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

This year, Lovato plans to work with a slew of talented and hardworking people like herself, such as Sam Smith. The How Do You Sleep At Night? singer seemingly made the announcement that him and Lovato have collaborated on an upcoming track via one his pop-up stores. Could Lovato be a possible feature? Fans are certainly eager to see the two collab. One dedicated fan even said they've waited 5 years for this collab to take place. Unfortunately neither Lovato or Smith have confirmed the speculation. Though, Sam Smith would definitely be a great influence on Demi Lovato.

She Can Work Her Bobs

Demi Lovato at a Teen Vogue event
Gettyimages | Rachel Murray

Continuing her new year of change, healing and overall, good vibes, Lovato also decided to ditch her glossy "mermaid" waves in exchange for a shorter look. This past Valentines Day, the singer sported a sleek, asymmetrical bob via her social media account. They say a fresh new haircut helps a person's healing process. The cut is a bold and powerful farewell to the previous year. Even though this isn't first time the Cool For The Summer singer sported a bob, it does show she's making an effort to start over in a new year.

Her First Talk Show Gig

Demi Lovato singer the national anthem at 2020 Superbowl
Gettyimages | Elsa

Among the changes that Lovato has already made for herself, the songstress will host her own talk show on the streaming platform Quibi. The Confident singer's working title at the moment is Pillow Talk With Demi Lovato, which might change over time. So far it sounds good. According to E!News"Lovato will sit down with guest stars to discuss a wide range of topics including activism, body positivity, sex, relationships, social media, gender identity and wellness." That's a lot to cover. Of course, Lovato is the right person for the job. Fans will be interested in hearing what the singer has to say.

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