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'Locke & Key': Suspenseful Ending Explained

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By RachelBolin

The popular graphic novel Locke & Key has finally been adapted into a live action series on Netflix and the fans are here for it! The series made its debut on February 7, 2020. This being said we have all had roughly two weeks to watch the show and it has left many fans with more questions than answers. When this happens to me I tend to re-watch the series to better grasp the show as a whole and to try and catch things I may have missed the first time around. Most recently I did this with both The Witcher and Locke & Key; so let's try to fully understand the ending and find out what it means for season 2.

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Time Jumps

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Before we can understand the ending it is important to make sure we understand the story as a whole. At the beginning it is easy to understand that the family is moving after the death of Rendell Locke, the father of the Patriarch of the Locke family. As we go on we find out that his death is directly related to his childhood home and they magic keys that reside there. Without knowledge of the keys or the danger his family moves to Key House for a fresh start. As they find the keys, the kids unknowingly follow in their fathers footsteps leading them and their friends to repeat the cycle that landed their father at deaths door.



In episode ten Dodge/Echo returns to key house with the Crown of Shadows. With this she is able to control all of the shadows and the monsters that lurk within them. She has her heart set on getting the key she needs from the Locke's BUT just as she is about to succeed Bode Locke uses a light saber against her and discovers that light is the weakness of the shadows. She seemingly melts down the stairs and they find her unconscious on the floor! The only catch is she is missing her crown. They hatch a plan to send Dodge/Echo back to where she came from by opening the demon door and tossing her in.

The Sad Truth

What you don't realize until watching the show is that Dodge/Echo has a key with the power to transform into someone else. She uses that key to her advantage by changing a former friend of Rendell into her doppelganger. The kids unknowingly toss the wrong person into the demon dimension!
Even worse they unknowingly clued Dodge/Echo in on their plan the entire time because she is actually using the key to change herself into a third-person named Gabe, who is a part of the group of friends Kinsey Locke hangs out with.

What this means for season 2

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In a Netflix video Cuse hinted that Locke & Key season 2 will dive into the story of what happened to Rendell's friend Ellie after she was thrown into the demon dimension. Farther more it seems we will actually learn what this demon dimension actually is! When asked what was behind the door Cuse said "Nothing good, let's just put it that way. First of all, it's gelatinous kind of like demon Jell-O. There's a lot of things behind there you don't want to enter into our world, hence the existence of the door." Pairing this with the fact that it appears another demon escaped from the alternate universe leaves fans wondering could this be a bigger bad than Dodge/Echo?
Whatever the case we have will all be not so patiently waiting until 2021 when season two is expected to be released.

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