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Niall Horan performs live

Niall Horan Speaks Candidly About Writing His Latest Album 'Heartbreak Weather'

Gettyimages | Noam Galai
By Chris Barilla

Despite not having as much of a highly publicized solo career following the split of One Direction, musician Niall Horan has not fallen off the face of the earth. Far from it actually, as he recently released a full-length solo project entitled 'Hearthbreak Weather.'

While former bandmates Harry Styles and Zayn Malik have been constantly in headlines for their public escapades, as well as music releases, Horan has been honing his craft, and culminating all of his work into this latest full-length offering.

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In a new interview with iHeartRadio, the musician spoke candidly about the creation of his new project, saying that he was searching for a happy middle ground emotionally in terms of a title.

Firstly, he addressed the process behind crafting the album's title, saying, "When I started, [I was] like, ‘How do I write a break-up album that doesn’t sound sobby throughout, and really selfish?’ So I just wrote down the phrase ‘heartbreak weather,’ I don’t know where it came from."

Niall Horan poses for photographers at an event
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The former One Direction member went on to explain his quest to create a wholly balanced project, stating, "I just started thinking, I can write songs here from all the different angles of a break-up, not from my side… the happy side, the egotistical side, like [my song] ‘Nice To Meet Ya.'"

"Then there’s the sad ones, and the 'No Judgement' type vibes, and I was trying to think how I could do that. So ‘Heartbreak Weather’ kind of summed the album up for me," he added.


Although 'Heartbreak Weather' is a new offering from Horan, he commented that not everything is fresh content, specifically referencing the song 'No Judgement' that he claims was written in October or November of 2018, saying, "That was the first song that I wrote for the record. It was a riff that I’d had forever, and I just never really got down to writing the song around that riff, and then just sat down, had a concept in my head, and just went for it."

Niall Horan performs live
Gettyimages | Rich Polk

He is adamant that this album holds a special place in opposition of his last album, 'Flicker,' saying, he is, "excited because what this album does is gives a little bit more tempo to what I already have from 'Flicker.' I can stick two albums together now, one’s quite sad, and the other one’s sad but happy."

"At the same time, and we can put a good show on together and really make the Nice To Meet Ya Tour a big spectacle and something that people will enjoy because I’m going to be putting a billion percent in every night to make sure of that," the musician concluded.

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