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Blake and Jasmin: An Update on Two of Your Favorite '90 Day Fiance' Stars

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By Jennifer Vaughn

If you are an avid watcher of reality tv, you may have spent hours waiting for episodes detailing your favorite star's daily life. While waiting, you may even turn to the internet or social media for any clues. If you are a dedicated viewer of '90 Day Fiance,' look no further than this article. Blake and Jasmin are still together. In fact, they recently got married, and the episode aired on TLC last week. Fans have called this couple's relationship and wedding ceremony 'loveless,' but marriage proves commitment, right?

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Leading up to exchanging the vows was rocky at times. One episode of '90 Day Fiance' showed Jasmin refusing to go out with Blake and his friends. Another episode showed fans how she really felt about Blake's music at a performance. But how much of this rumored 'scripted' show can one really believe is true? Maybe Blake and Jasmin are happy, and maybe TLC made Jasmin look loveless with the magic of editing. With that said, let's get into what else the couple has been up to leading up to the wedding and even after the vows.

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Regardless of how Jasmin is depicted on TLC, the couple's social media pages paint a completely different story: one of happiness and love. In January, Blake posted this picture of Jasmine posing with Santa with the sweetest caption ever. He loves this woman and said, "We are growing as one" when commenting on the state of their relationship. This woman is "everything" and he says she is his "world." Aww. This is the opposite of the loveless relationship and wedding shown on TLC.

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When seeing two different stories portrayed, we must ask ourselves what we should believe. Do we believe the television network that is out for as many high ratings and viewers as possible, or do we believe Jasmin and Blake? I hope that everyone is with me in believing Blake and Jasmin. After all, they are the ones in the actual relationship. Last month on Instagram, Jasmine posted a picture of herself with blake captioned "That's My Baby." The two are legitimately happy.

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TLC needs ratings. Jasmin and Blake are happy. Need I say more? No more proof needed. Let the two live their lives and be happy as husband and wife. They are supportive of each other, and it seems they are set on living their best life "as one" according to Blake. So, let's let them do just that and root them on. They love each other enough to get married. They are real, and unlike some couples on '90 Day Fiance,' they both seem fully committed to being together. Green card drama aside, this couple just wants to be happy.

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