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Tiffany 'New York' Pollard's Best Moments on 'Flavor of Love'

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By Stephanie Elmir

Tiffany 'New York' Pollard is an unforgettable contestant from "Flavor of Love" a reality show based on "The Bachelor" on VH1, and the bachelor was none other than Flavor Flav, notorious rapper and playboy.

Many women had to compete for this old man with a large clock around his neck, but none of them could truly handle Pollard's intense need to win. Without her tenacity and strong personality, the show's ratings probably wouldn't have been as high. Here are her best moments.

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Pollard's influence on memes and pop culture continues nearly a decade after "Flavor of Love" ended. Maybe her most iconic moment was when she fought with another contestant nicknamed Hottie who accuses Pollard for being jealous because everyone said she looks like Beyonce.

In response, Pollard haughtily questions, "Beyonce?!" Then Pollard apologizes to Beyonce for Hottie's comparison.

This past year, a fan-recorded a Beyonce concert that played Pollard's voice recording before she sang, further cementing her status as a reality star.


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There are a couple of scenes with knives, specifically Pollard threatening or scaring other contestants with them. The first one is when Pollard was eating in the kitchen and Hottie found the action threatening. Pollard reacted by yelling back that she'll flail it while eating her steak happily.

The other scene is when Goldie gets her first kiss with Flavor Flav. They kiss in front of Pollard, while everyone's eating dinner. She watches them angrily with a knife in her hand.



What makes Pollard so fun to watch is her unrelenting self-confidence and undying self-esteem. The entire time, Pollard genuinely thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the competition, the smartest of them all, and the most deserving of Flavor Flav's love.

She's manifesting good things, willing her number one status into reality. Although she did not win the first season, Pollard was invited to compete in the second season. Moreover, she would be invited to several other VH1 shows, solidifying her status.


Giphy | VH1

Whenever Pollard got stressed over Flavor Flav being with the other contestants, she would eat a lot. The other girls harassed her for eating so much and gaining weight during filming, but Pollard could not care less. On top of manifesting, she knew she was beautiful with or without eating.

Way before the ASMR craze, Pollard gave VH1 viewers a first-hand look at her eating habits. Moreover, contestants like Pumpkin and Hottie would make fun of her, but also fail at the cooking competition.

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