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'Good Girls:' Could Rio and Beth Ever Be More Than A Steamy Hookup?

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By Shadress Denise

After two drama-filled, thrilling seasons, Good Girls premiered finally their third season on Sunday, February 16, 2020, on NBC. The show's last season answered a question many people were anticipating the first season. Would Rio (played by Manny Montana) and Beth succumb to the heated passion they obviously shared in their crime fueled relationship? Once the second season aired, fans were no longer left wondering what would become of the two criminals who happened to meet due to the financial hardships Beth and her partners in crime shared. Now that the two have mixed business with pleasure, is there a possibility their relationship will flourish? Here's what we think.

When Beth Met Rio

NBC's season 1 of "Good Girls" kicks off with three women; Annie, Beth and Retta (played by Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks and Ruby Hill) who ultimately find themselves in desperate financial situations. Facing family health issues, bankruptcy and a plethora of other hardships, a decision is made to rob the grocery store where Annie works. What seems like an easy way to get money ends up becoming the key that unlocks their life of crime. Unaware of what the grocery store is really involved in, the trio finds out they stole from the wrong people.

After the money is stolen, Beth comes home to find unexpected guests in her home. Once introduced to Rio, Beth finds herself magnetically drawn to the crime boss.

Passions Arise In Season 2

After the rollercoaster ride of Season 1, fans could see the heated relationship between Rio and Beth beginning to slowly boil over. With her marriage on the rocks and the FBI on their trails, Beth is doing all she can to put some distance between her and Rio. The season kicks off with Dean being shot by Rio which leads Beth in a peculiar situation. After which, she finds herself telling Rio she wants no parts of the criminal lifestyle. As the season heats up, Beth eventually throws caution to the wind and gives into her temptation.

Betrayed By Beth in Season 2

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With the pressure mounting, by the end of season 2, Beth grows tired of Rio. Desperately trying to hold onto her family, sanity, and her freedom, Beth is placed in an awkward position. Does she choose Rio and the life of crime or does she go back to being a boring housewife? At this point, FBI Agent is hot on her trail and she is clearly struggling between her addiction to the life of crime she enjoys, so she does what she has to do. In the season finale, she does what Rio had been telling her she would have to do in order to take the throne. Kill the king.

Can They Reignite their spark in Season 3?

Now that it has been made apparent Rio is still very much alive, can these two put their differences aside and allow the obvious passion they share to be reignited once again? Since Turner made good on his promise and Rio is a free man, will he be able to forgive Beth for betraying him. While it is fairly obvious that forgiveness won't come swiftly, fans might be in for a treat. If he does, will the two pursue relationships now that she's divorced and on her way to being a counterfeit queen?

We can only hope.

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