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The Big Promises From the Front Runners of the 2020 Presidential Election

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By Kirstin Chock

After the impeachment trial of President Trump, Americans seem to be taking the 2020 Presidential election a lot more seriously. After some states like Iowa and New Hampshire have already submitted their presidential early vote, it's important to know who the front runners for president are and what their beliefs and plans are to reform America. In this year's 2020 presidential election, there are 8 Democrats and 2 Republicans running for president. After early voting, the front runners are mostly male Democrats.

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Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Sanders is currently the front runner for the 2020 presidential election. He is a democrat that has some big promises for his presidential campaign. If voted for president he has stated that he will forgive all student loans, provide Medicare for all, provide housing for all, reinstate DACA and other immigration assistance, and will have American running on 100% renewable energy in order to tackle global warming and climate change. This is a very aggressive campaign and people are curious to how he can accomplish such big tasks in his presidency. Nonetheless, these are all very big issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Joe Biden

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Receiving a lot of interest for his extensive resume and work with former President Obama, Joe Biden is the second runner up for the 2020 presidential election. He has a big presidential as well, promising to enforce heavy actions to end gun violence, help immigrants, help rural America have more easily accessible resources, and much more. Even though he has a very daring list, he is only a few points behind Bernie as the front runner for the 2020 presidential election.

Mike Bloomberg

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Mike Bloomberg is the third runner up in the 2020 presidential election, despite some controversy around him and his campaign. What makes him an appealing candidate are the promises of his presidential campaign, which include tax reform, housing reform, immigration rights, and LGBTQ rights, among many other various challenging topics. Despite being a billionaire businessman like Trump, that is the only commonality they have as Bloomberg is full against Trump.

Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren is the only woman in the 2020 presidential election discussion. If voted as president, she pledges to cancel all student loans immediately, tackle climate change, and end corruption, among other promises. While Warren has an extensive resume, a woman has yet to be president, and women have not represented as the majority in the House of Representatives. Nonetheless, Warren is putting up a good fight in this year's 2020 presidential election and is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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