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The red ribbon is used to symbolize support and awareness for people living with AIDS-related illnesses.

AIDS Caregiver Will Have Her Story Told In 'The Book of Ruth'

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By Nicole Caropolo

Some films are meant to entertain us while others are meant to educate us through a story backed by real emotions.

"The Book of Ruth" is a drama that is based on the true story of a remarkable woman. Ruth Coker Burkes was a Christian woman who became a caregiver for people living with AIDs in the 1980s.

The film will begin shooting this year. Wilson will play the role of Burkes and Bomer will play the role of her new neighbor who returned to New York after losing his partner to AIDS. The film will be set in 1983.

Michael Arden Directs First Feature Film

Michael Arden will direct 'The Book of Ruth'
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The film will be directed by Michael Arden, a Tony Award-nominated theater director. The drama will be his first feature film.

The screenplay was written by Rebecca Pollock and Kas Graham. Scott LaStaiti, Dominic Tighe and Thomas Daley are the producers for the film. Cora Palfrey and Sarah Lebutsch will work as the executive directors.

'The Book of Ruth' focuses on Burkes, a Christian mother living in New York. She meets her new neighbor, played by Bomer, a man who is gay and returned to New York after his partner passed away from AIDS.

Wilson Will Play Main Character in 'The Book of Ruth'

Ruth Wilson will play the role of Ruth Coker Burkes in 'The Book of Ruth'
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Wilson was casted to play Burkes in the film. She is known for her roles in television shows including 'Jane Eyre', 'Luther' and 'The Affair.'

The real-life Burkes was living in Arkansas in the early 1980s when she met a man in the hospital who was losing his battle to AIDS. She began educating herself on the infection which led to her becoming a caregiver for people living with AIDS. She helped care for hundreds of AIDS patients during the epidemic.

Matt Bomer Will Play a Man Who Lost His Partner to AIDS

Matt Bomer will play a main character in "The Book of Ruth" opposite of Ruth Wilson.
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Bomer will play the role of a gay man who moved into Burks' neighborhood after losing his partner to AIDS. Bomer's character left New York City but decided to return after his loss. After learning about his story, she is inspired to learn more about the infection that is killing so many people.

Bomer is known for his debut role in the soap opera, 'All My Children,' as well as Neal Caffrey in the USA Network television show, 'White Collar.'

Michael Arden Hopes The Film Will Showcase Humanitarianism

Michael Arden believes that 'The Book of Ruth' will inspire people to help others during troubling times.
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Arden hopes that the film will shed light on the impact the Burks had during the epidemic and the tremendous loss of life that took place.

When speaking about the project, the director said, “It is vital for us to remember that we lost an entire generation to the AIDS epidemic and that so many people, including Ruth, sacrificed their own comfort, station and livelihood to help those in need during this plague."

The film will be introduced to buyers by London-based Independent Film Sales at the European Film Market.

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