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Will Kylie Jenner Have More Kids With Travis Scott? Here's What We Know

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By Julia Duda

Kylie Jenner has been incredibly vocal about how much she has enjoyed motherhood. The star welcomed her first child, a daughter named Stormi, in February of 2018. In the past two years, Kylie has endlessly gushed about Stormi and how much motherhood has changed her for the better -- which leaves fans wondering if there are plans for baby no. 2! According to a few different sources, Kylie certainly does want more kids in the future, but won't necessarily be having them anytime soon.

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A big factor in Kylie's decision is, of course, the status of her relationship with Stormi's father, Travis Scott. Kylie and Travis welcomed Stormi as a couple and stayed together through October 2019, before amicably splitting up. Despite the breakup, Kylie and Travis have maintained a very friendly relationship for the sake of Stormi. Recently, they even partied together in a limo after the Oscars! Their closeness leaves fans wondering if they may get back together and possibly have more children together.

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Though Kylie and Travis have been spending a lot of time together, they're not back together. According to HollywoodLife, "Kylie still would love to have more children and she talks about it all the time, how she feels she was born to be a mother, but there are no plans for another baby because she considers herself very much single right now." So she and Travis aren't together, but fans are still hopeful that they may be able to reconcile in the future.

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Apparently, Kylie's split with Travis actually had a lot to do with their family situation. According to CheatSheet, Travis wasn't quite as family-oriented as Kylie would've liked. He simply wasn't giving Kylie the "commitment" that she wanted, but this doesn't mean that their relationship is permanently done for. Kylie called Travis her "best friend" in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar and had only positive things to say about him, and the two also reunited for Stormi's birthday party at the beginning of the month.

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While it's impossible to predict what the future holds for Kylie and Travis, there's no doubt that they're both very happy to co-parent Stormi together. Of course, Kylie has been "emotional" lately because her daughter is growing up so quickly, and many fans think that this means Kylie wants to have more babies and give Stormi a sibling while she's still young. It's possible that Kylie and Travis may get back together in the future and decide to have more children -- only time will tell!

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